Customized ATC cnc machine with the newest cabinet for Europe customer was finished!


For the passed time, one good cabinet is very necessary for one auto tool change wood cnc router. But, it is good for the factory which has enough space for production. Some customers, they have limited space in their factory. One cabinet will take up a lot of their space. The newest design cnc router with auto tool change. It is coming. One big machine with TEM1325C 1300×2500 4x8ft cnc router, TEM1530C 5x10ft 1500x3000mm cnc machine, TEM2030C 2000x3000mm, TEM2040C 2000x4000mm working area has one small cabinet for control. If you want one cnc machine, but do not want to take up more space. This model is very suitable for you.


The Features of newest ATC TEM2040C aluminum panel cnc router machine:


1) Without cabinet, save more space for production.

2) Heavy duty frame body. 6mm thickness. After high-temperature quenching, the machine has strong toughness and is not easily deformed. Even during high-speed operation, it remains without any vibration.

3) Taiwan LNC full touch screen control system.

4) Except the spindle, we use high quality components on this machine like servo motors and servo drivers ( Japanese imported servo motor for your optional )

5) Special design for Gear and pinion, keep the machine clean during the machine working.

6) 14 tools linear automatic changer for working. Save the changing tools time and after programming, it can be processed fully automatically.


Welcome all the customers coming our factory to visit and cooperation with us!!!




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