How to maintenance the CO2 laser machine daily?

Whether the CO2 laser machine can work stably and normally for a long time is inseparable from the normal operation and daily maintenance.   一、Maintenance of water cooling system.   1th, The water quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tub...

The difference influence for the cnc machine between Servo motors and Step motors?

No matter 3d atc cnc router machine, CO2 laser cutting machine or SS CS laser cutting machine etc. Motor is one of the most basic and important components. Motor and driver also are the 4×8 ft cnc router moving system. The motor and driver is a crucial factor for the working performance and ...

How to install the laser tube of the CO2 laser machine and maintain?

The CO2 glass tube laser is also a gas laser, which is usually made of hard glass and generally adopts a layer-and-sleeve simple structure. The innermost layer is the discharge tube, the second layer is the water cooling sleeve, and the outermost layer is the gas storage tube. The laser tube is t...

How to win the cnc market?

Cnc is one very big market. Every year, there are many many old or new customers need to purchase 1325 atc cnc router for working. Old customer need to updates the cnc machine. New customer need to purchase one cnc for new business or new project. At this time, 3 axis cnc machine becomes very ver...

Brazil customer order small cnc router machine 6012 for advertising making.

Tekai professional produce all kinds of cnc and laser. Due to we have our own factory. So, customer can freely customize a variety of customers. From colour to the configuration of the machine. If you are looking for one Ball Screw cnc router for wood, MDF, aluminum milling. You can make a learn ...

What is auto tool changer in cnc router machine?

As we all know. There are many many kinds of cnc router machine. 3 axis cnc router, 4 axis cnc router, 5 axis cnc router etc. For the 3 axis cnc router, there are two models: Normal cnc router and ATC cnc router. ATC cnc router is means the cnc router machine with auto tool changer.   But, s...

Maintenance of Fiber laser welding machine.

Metal Fiber laser welding machine have become standard equipment for some high-end production and processing enterprises. As a precision device, it must be carefully maintained.   1)  Keep the water chiller of stainless steel fiber laser welding machine clean, disassemble and clean the air filter...

FAQ about the CO2 laser macbine during the using and how to solve?(二)

六、Different depths of bottom when engraving. 1)The processing speed is too fast, the engraving power of the laser tube is too small, adjust the engraving speed and increase the engraving power in time. 2)Incorrect blowing air pressure causes the processing powder to stick and form horizontal ...

FAQ about the CO2 laser macbine during the using and how to solve?(一)

Via learning common problems and solutions of CO2 laser cutting machines, you can quickly solve simple problems about the laser engraving cutting machine.    一、There is no action after the machine is turned on.   1. Check whether the control card display screen or the control card indicator lig...

The high precision table moving mold cnc router machine.

The metal mold cnc router machine is mainly used for surface processing and cutting of various materials such as plexiglass, PVC board, ABS board, KT board, wood, gemstone, marble, aluminum-plastic board, iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, etc. Because its working precision is high...

Software Training: How to use Artcam quickly?

For the 3d atc wood cnc router machine, there are two system. One is for control system, another is design system. All the wood larger bed size cnc router from Tekai, we will supply Artcam for all the customer. Except the 4 axis swing head cnc router machine, for 4 axis cnc, we supply Power mill....

Gear transmission VS Ball screw transmission!

Both ball screws and racks belong to transmission tools and are widely used in industrial fields, but they are used in different ranges because the different characteristics of them. Ball screw transmission and rack transmission have their own advantages, customers need to choose the appropriate ...

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