How to make the machine working more fast?

The working speed, it is very very import indicator for one cnc 3d wood routers. Fast speed, it means same time, higher output. All the customers, they want their cnc wood working router moving work very very fast. Why the different brand cnc router acrylic cutting machine, the speed is the diffe...

China 2023 Spring Festival is over, Tekai cnc company return to work! Welcome all the customers from the world place an order!

The passed one week, it is China Spring Festival, New Year in traditional Chinese sense. I am here i need to say sorry for all the customers understand. The passed one week, our delay reply. Now, we have start to work. No matter any questions, feel free ask us, we will reply you in the fastest sp...

The first 40 feet container Goods of 2023 year are finished and delivery to Europen agent!

Congratulations! The new year, 4 sets large cnc routers cnc 2030 are ready to load into the first 40 feet container. The customer is from Europen, we have cooperated for almost over 10 years. This is the newest design shape. No cabinet. For the 3d wood engraving and cutting cnc router , delete th...

Norway customer got the 2000w fiber laser cutting machine for cutting Carbon Steel!

This morning, the sky is stil not light. But, for the customer, they are looking forward to this moment very much. The machine 2000w metal laser cutting machine arrive their factory. One 40 Container go to their factory driectly. They have already arranged to organize unloading personnel early. T...

Australia customer got the hobby cnc router 6012 from Tekai!

Tekai hobby cnc router advertising machine 6090 with 3 axis Ball Screw. Since the establishment of the company, it has been one of the best-selling models. Especial for the router cnc 3 axis aluminum milling, the performance of the cnc router 6090 for sale is very perfect. The customer purchase t...

Kosovo and Kenya got the economical wooden furniture making cnc router TEM1530-5H TEM1325

Congratulations! The customers from Kosovo and Kenya got the furniture woodworking cnc router TEM1530-5H with 5 sets head and TEM1325 wood door design cnc router they ordered from the Jinan Tekai Cnc Machinery Co., Ltd. And, after the engineer remote guidance installation, training. Now the machi...

The feedback from 4 years 3 axis cnc woodwokring router 2030 Spain customer.

  How to identify the quality of a cnc routers cutting machines? Most time, they will say the process of company production, the accessories of the machine we use. But, i want to tell you. The feedback from customers is the most important. Especially the feedbacl from old customer. No matte...

The hobby cnc router machine with 3 axis Ball Screw transmission!

In the cnc field market, different customers, for differet working, they will find to the different cnc models. From 3 axis cnc router ball screw hobby cnc to 5 axis mode making cnc router machine, today, please allow me to introduce the hobby cnc produced by our company.   According to the size...

Welcome the customers from the world visit Tekai factory!

As we all know, the epidemic almost has been over. Every city of China start to cancel 24-hour nucleic acid testing. It means no need a long time, all the customers from the world, they can come visit China factory again. Although it was difficult, we won. Tekai also got the rapid development. Es...

Notice!All the customers who purchased woodworking cnc router machine from Tekai!

Hello guys! Today is the first day of December. December also is the last month of 2022 year. The whole year of 2022 will be accompanied by the epidemic situation. But, we need to persist.   The winter is coming. Recently, the temperature can reach minus 10 degrees Celsius. We want to notice all...

Congratulations! The Europe customer TEM2030C ATC cnc router cutting machine finished and will be sent to customer!

TEM1325C, TEM1530C, TEM2030C 3 axis automatic tool changer cnc router all are the the machines that are very popular with customers. Especial the TEM2030C with 2x3m cutting and engraving working area. Although it is a 3 axis cnc machine, it is powerful! It can almost meet the cutting needs of all...

Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Quick Operation Manual

1th Step: Connect the water cooler and air pump, and turn on the power of the machine.    2th Step: Use the control panel to point out the light and check if the machine light path is in the center of the lens. (Note: Before the laser tube emits light, make sure that the water cooler keeps the wa...

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