Two cnc router 3 axis machine with single head are producing in the factory of Tekai!


Every month, there are over 100 sets 3d cnc router woodworking machine are finished and send to customer. No matter ATC cnc router or 3 axis wood cnc router, they are of high quality. If the customer, they just want an cnc router for wood work for all kinds of plate cutting. Common 3 axis cnc router machine is one very very good choice. 


The Vacuum table is necessary. Especial when you use the affordable cnc routers for cutting small piece. T-slot is very hard to fix the small materials which are cutting off. So, all the cnc machine, we are all equipped with vacuum table. They can fix the plate with high efficient. The power of the spindle, it ups to the thickness of materials.


If you are looking an cheap 3 axis cnc router, TEM1325 1325 woodworking cnc router machine is one very good machine. Welcome all the customer from the world quote price of our machine. We will supply the best service and good quality.


two machine finished


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