Turkey 4 axis cnc router 1325 with Rotary was finished!


Cnc router 1325, it is one very popular cnc router wood working. Because, no matter the advertising company and wooden furniture company. 4x8ft working area router cnc can handle most material sizes. If you are looking forward to one 3d cnc routers woodwork. Professional milling for MDF, Acrylic, Wood, PVC, aluminum and copper etc. TEM1325 is one good choice. Today, cnc 1325 updates model for Turkey customer was been finished, TEM1325-R with rotary wood door making cnc router


TEM1325-R cnc router machine with rotary:

As we all know, rotary is one tools used for 3d engraving. Especial for round materials cutting and engraving. When customer choose one rotary as 4 axis, customer put it on the table of the wood router cnc machine. After process the small pieces. Then, put down the axis of rotary. However, some big rotary is very heavy. Move it is not easy. And the Z axis working area must higher 150mm than the rotary diameter. Once over 400mm for the Z axis of cnc. It will be not stable. The best methods, welded the rotary on the side of the machine. This is woodworking cnc router engraving machine called TEM1325-R.


The advantages of TEM1325-R:

1) adopt vacuum table with 5.5kw vacuum pump. Fix the materials is more easy. Higher efficient.

2) Leadshine HBS758 Hybrid servo motor and driver, included the rotary. Enclosed system, no lose step. And big power, 8N/M.

3) Mach3 control system via USB port to link.

4) X, Y, Z adopt Taiwan Hiwin square rails. X, Y axis use square Gear and pinion transmission. Z axis Taiwan TBI Ball screw transmission. Ensure the machine moving smooth and fast. Higher cutting and engraving precision.

5) China famous brand spindle. You can choose water cooling system or air cooling spindle. The power of the spindle is selected according to the hardness and thickness of the material.




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