The customized auto tool changer wood cnc router of customer from U.K. finished!




Yellow linear atc cnc router was finished. Every year, we will got a lot customers requirement. They want one customized cnc router machine atc 1325. Because, the shop style of every customer is different. So, if customized one cnc router with atc system put on their factory. That would fit better with their factory. I will say Yes to all customer. But, i do not advise.


There are two reasons:

1) If change the colour of the cnc router machine automatic tool changer, we are not confirm it is beautiful or not when it is installed well. The shape and colour of our machine. It is the professional design working people made for us. Most of our customer, they are not professional design people. No much experience. So,i advise customer keep the colour of us.

2) The delivery time. If customized the colour, the delivery time will be more longer. The colour of us, every month, we will produce a lot all kinds of machine. If just produce one, it will needs longer time.

So, i advise customer choose us colour directly.


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