Compare about the swing head and C axis




Many customers in the process of selecting cnc machines, some customers need the 4 axis high z axis cnc wood router, it mean the cnc machine with swing head, some customers need atc cnc router center with C axis. 4 axis cnc is conflicting with the C axis cnc. If you choose 4 axis cnc, no need to choose auto-tool changer cnc router with C axis again. They are difficult to coexist. This is what most people have known. Recently, Tekai got an customer Inquiry from Slovakia. 


When this client first started telling me about his work needs. We make a simple talking with our engineer team. We told him, swing head is conflicting with C axis. We also visit their website many many times. Actually, 90% working, cnc router with atc system has been good enough. Only one place need 4 axis. 




He told us, the auto tool change cnc router, must has swing head and C axis. Because, the C axis, in the future, he can add drilling head and cutting saw. That is also easy. Abandon, swing head, change it into C axis. As we all know, HSD C axis has many different angles of head. And, they can rotate 360 degree. He said no, then, he shows us one another working to explain the need for swing head.




Finally, we know everything all. He really needs swing head and C axis together. For us, the first difficulty is control system. Because, swing head with C axi together, it means, we need to choose 6 axis control system with reasonable price. We advise him the Taiwan Syntec 21MA-E or Taiwan LNC 6 axis version. But, the machine price is not cheap. The machine with C axis, HSD spindle is necessary. Only the Italy HSD and Hiteco produce aggregates of C axis. And, the cost is not cheap. The total price is beyond the customer’s tolerance. So, he asks the China brand. Unfortunately, China brand, still not start to produce the C axis.


Cnc with Swing head and C axis together is available. It ups to the customer working demands.



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