How to make the machine working more fast?


The working speed, it is very very import indicator for one cnc 3d wood routers. Fast speed, it means same time, higher output. All the customers, they want their cnc wood working router moving work very very fast. Why the different brand cnc router acrylic cutting machine, the speed is the different? Some cnc router for woodworking machine, the speed is only 30m/min, however, Tekai cnc can be arrived 50m/min to 100m/min. And, how to make one machine work more fast?


For one 4 axis cnc wood router, Control system, Gear pinion, Rails, Motor and driver, machine body constitute the motion system. Every parts, they all can influence the machine working speed. The motion system cooperates with the signal transmission system to make the machine work faster. At the same time, each cable of the signal transmission system must use a shielded cable. Unshielded cables can cause erroneous movements of the machine.


Generally speaking, the motor is the most intuitive. One good motor can supply higher power. Higher power, it will make the machine move more fast. But, the Gear and pinion, he is in direct contact with the motor. The Gear and Pinion, it divied into 1M, 1.5M, 2M etc. 2M is the fastest. 1M is the slowest. However, 2M, the working precision is the lowest. 1M, the working precision, it is the highest. Because the larger the spacing, the smaller the accuracy. So, we choose 1.5M. Taiwan Delta servo motor or Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and driver working with 1.5M Gear. Both speed and precision are guaranteed. Higher speeds require a more stable bed. A thicker bed is required to withstand the milling and grinding of a large bed. Then, the Rails and Gear can be installed more accurate into the machine. Keep the gantry moving is very very smooth.


The control system, one good control system, it can process the signal more fast. So that the machine has a higher corresponding speed.


Changing the tools methods, ATC or not. Automatic changing the tools, it is th fastest. No need the machine stop, then change the tools by hand. ATC included linear and disc, all are fast enough.


Every parts can be debugged. The cnc woodworking router 1325, the working speed can arrive 70M/min. The moving speed can arrive 100M/min. The machine of Tekai, the speed is real measured. According to us, others only is 30M/min. Altough many peoplew said, they can arrive 50M/min. Welcome all the customer come our factory to check!



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