Norway customer got the 2000w fiber laser cutting machine for cutting Carbon Steel!


This morning, the sky is stil not light. But, for the customer, they are looking forward to this moment very much. The machine 2000w metal laser cutting machine arrive their factory. One 40 Container go to their factory driectly. They have already arranged to organize unloading personnel early. The machine is not small. Need one big forklift with several people unload it into the ground from the Container. After unremitting efforts, the machine was finally put into the factory perfectly.


After Unloading, they need to install it. Then, test the cutting affect. We have arranged one professional engineer. He is waitting him. So, we are all has been prepared well. So, everything can be start immdiately. Some people will doubt why do not we install the cnc machine carbon steel cutting well, when the customer received it. They can use the machine immediately. That is because, if the machine not remove some parts. It means, the machine can not enter into the container. So, when the customer received the 2000w CS SS fiber laser cutting machine, the first things is complete the machine installation. All the cable of the fiber laser cutting machine, we have marked. So, even one new customer, they still not know how to do very easy. After two and a half hours of hard work. All the steps ware finished.





Then the customer use the fiber laser cutting machine cutting the metal. After several time test. The customer can use the machine perfectly.




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