How to identify the quality of the machine?


There are many manufacturers of cnc router plywood cutting on the market, and the product introduction of each company is also confusing, so how to judge the quality of 2×3 feet cnc router? Today we will tell you to judge the quality of the machine from five aspects.

一:For the mechanical production

1. After the bed of the 2×4 cnc router machine is welded, it is treated by tempering and vibration to avoid the deformation of the bed structure caused by long-term machine operation.

2. The bed of 4 axis cnc wood router has strong corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and other mechanical damage resistance after sandblasting and plastic spraying, which can effectively prevent metal parts from rusting. Make sure that the machine does not fade.


1. A large-scale high-precision gantry milling machine is used for milling of guide rail and rack surfaces. Mechanical drilling and tapping to ensure maximum mechanical installation accuracy.

2. Tighten the screws of the rack and the guide rail through a precise inspection instrument to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the guide rail and rack, and minimize the error of the machine’s diagonal line.


3.The verticality of the spindle and the PVC table determines the quality of the machined products。


三:Electrical aspects

1. The cable of 4 axis rotary atc cnc router must use high-quality high-flexible drag chain cable, which can prevent the line from breaking and wear seriously when the machine is bent for a long time, reducing the failure rate of the machine.

2. Inside the installation control cabinet, high-voltage and low-voltage cables must be distributed in different wire troughs, and high-frequency signals that are susceptible to interference must be transmitted through shielded cables.

3. The wiring of each electrical component must have a terminal, there are about a thousand such terminals in the machine, and each component must be installed and tightened.

4. The distribution of the cables needs to be neat and clear, and the number of wires must be installed on each wire end. When the machine fails, it is convenient to check the line problem.


四:Selection of electrical components

1. The servo driver of the 4 axis 1325 woodworking cnc router is selected from Yaskawa, Panasonic, Delta, Siemens, etc. The stepper driver is selected from Leadshine, Yako and other brands.

2. The imported brands of the spindle are HSD, Hiteco, and the domestic brands are Changsheng, HQD and other brands.

3. The guide rail and rack are mostly selected from Taiwan brands such as HIWIN, PMI, TBI and other brands.

4. The electrical components are mostly from Schneider, Omron, Taiwan Delta and other brands.

The controller adopts Taiwan’s new generation (SYNTC), Taiwan Baoyuan (LNC), Shanghai Weihong (WEIHONG), Chengdu Mach3 (WIXHC), Beijing Ruizhitianhong and other brands.

Of course, high-end brands and prices are proportional.

五:After service


Our company has a professional team, so that customers can enjoy the most professional services in every link and ensure customer satisfaction with products. In order to ensure the all-round and timely service, we have established a three-dimensional service network, 24-hour network resource service, instant messaging and other service methods, covering all service types such as door-to-door service, telephone service, self-service, remote service, etc. The first time to ensure that the service is in place.


Buying equipment is not a simple one-time purchase, but a long-term partner. The engraving machine is a product containing technology. It is entirely possible for the machine to stop due to operational errors. Therefore, it is your best choice to choose a company with high quality and high service.


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