Matters needing attention when using the dust collector?


The principle of dust collector: When the air with dust enter into the dust collector of cnc router in wood router, from dust collector of cnc router 3axis pipe enter into the bag of dust collector, and adsorbed on the bag. Thereby, the purified gas is discharged from the bag. The upper cloth bag is slightly thinner, which can block dust and breathe. The lower cloth bag is slightly thicker to hold dust and impurities.




Specifications of the dust collector:

                    Model                                           Power                                            Voltage                                          Suction ports number              
                  Single bag                        2.2KW                         1/P 220V                                     3
                        3P /380V
                 Double bag                        2.2kw                         1P/ 220V
                       3.0kw                         3P/ 380V
                 Double bag                        4.0kw                                     4
                       5.5kw                                     6


一:Correct use of dust removal device:


1) Correctly install the dust cover of the of the wooden cnc cutting router and 3d machine and fasten the screws to ensure that the dust cover is stable and does not vibrate during machining.

2) Install the vacuum tube according to the vacuum bracket to ensure that it will not be damaged during long working hours.

3) Assemble according to the outer packaging pattern of the vacuum cleaner, or assemble according to the video.

4) Before using, it should be checked whether the power supply voltage of the place of use is consistent with the rated voltage marked on the vacuum cleaner.

5) If the vacuum cleaner is a three-phase voltage, please confirm whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the direction of the arrow after the power is turned on.

6) When processing, the dust cover of cnc router 2000×3000 should be opened, otherwise the vacuum cleaner cannot inhale dust.

7) After finished using, wind the power coil into a bundle and hang it on the hook of the top cover of the machine head.


二:Maintenance of Dust collector.

1) Customers need to check whether the plug and power cord are damaged frequently. If they are damaged, they need to be maintained or replaced in time.

2) Before using the vacuum cleaner, you should check and clean the dust bag (the dust bag should pay attention to whether it is damaged).

3) During using, it should be noted that continuous use should not be too long, and it should be controlled within 2 hours as much as possible. So as not to cause the motor to overheat and affect the service life of the vacuum cleaner.

 4) During using, if you find that the dust is close to the full level or that there is a foreign object blocking the vacuum pipe, you should immediately shut down and use it after cleaning.

 5) The brush of the vacuum hood should also be checked frequently to check the wear of the brush. If it is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time.

6) After use, the dirt in the dust bag should be removed in time, and the hair and lint on the brush should be removed.

7) After long-term use, the suction channel will be covered with dust and the suction power will decrease. Therefore, the suction channel and cloth bag should be cleaned regularly with water, and then placed in a cool place to dry before use, and the suction can be restored.

8) Regularly check the tightness of the parts of the vacuum cleaner. The motor bearings of the vacuum cleaner should be lubricated to reduce the degree of wear on the motor, which can effectively improve the service life of the motor. 


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