The difference between Fiber laser welding machine and plasma welding machine?




Fiber laser metal welding have been very popular since they were listed. Laser welding machines have gradually been widely used in manufacturing enterprises due to their low operation difficulty, high welding efficiency, good quality of finished products, and wide application fields.


一:Welding method


1500w laser welder: It directly irradiates a high-energy intensity laser beam on the surface of the material, and through the interaction between the laser and the material, the inside of the material is melted, and then cooled and crystallized to form a weld.

Plasma Welding machine: It is a welding method that uses a high-temperature plasma arc generated by a special-structured plasma torch and fuses metals under the protection of a shielding gas.


二:Welding range


stainless steel laser welding machines: It can weld long distance, the welding head can be equipped with 5m/10m imported optical fiber, which is flexible and convenient to realize outdoor welding, and can also realize welding at any angle, stitch welding, butt welding, vertical welding, flat fillet welding, inner fillet welding , outer fillet welding, etc., can weld various complex weld workpieces, large workpieces with irregular shapes.


Plasma welding machine: Can not achieve welding at any angle, and has certain requirements for welding space.


三:Welding effect


Fiber laser welding machine: The welding affected area is small, it will not cause deformation, blackening, and traces on the back, and the welding depth is large, the welding is firm, and the melting is sufficient. The welding spot is smooth and beautiful, and the welding seam is flat and no pores.


Plasma welding: The welding affected area is large, resulting in local deformation, blackening, and traces on the back.


四:Welding materials


Fiber laser welding machine: almost independent of material, can be fully competent for any difficult-to-weld materials.


Plasma welding machine: less material is welded compared to fiber laser weklding machine.


五:Welding cost


Fiber laser welding machine:

1. Continuous welding, smooth without fish scales, beautiful without scars, no need for subsequent grinding processes。

  1. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and the button-type design allows inexperienced personnel to start welding without having to spend high training costs.
  2. The Fiber laser welding machine has a large one-time investment, but the power consumption is low, the processing cost can be reduced by about 30%, and the overall use cost is low.


Plasma welding machine:


1. Secondary processing is required to polish the welding points to ensure smoothness and not roughness.

  1. Need to hire highly experienced personnel to operate.
  2. The one-time investment is cheap, but the electricity consumption is large and the overall use cost is high.


六:Application industry


Fiber lasder welding machine: It is mainly used in industries with high precision requirements such as automobile body, locomotive track, medical machinery, electronic products, etc., and the application range is very wide.


Plasma welding machine:Mainly used in manufacturing, such as copper alloy, titanium alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other fields that do not require high precision in large-scale industrial production.



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