Notice!All the customers who purchased woodworking cnc router machine from Tekai!


Hello guys! Today is the first day of December. December also is the last month of 2022 year. The whole year of 2022 will be accompanied by the epidemic situation. But, we need to persist.


The winter is coming. Recently, the temperature can reach minus 10 degrees Celsius. We want to notice all the customers who purchased vacuum table cnc router machines3 axis cnc router machinecutting and engraving cnc routerwoodworking atc cnc router machine and laser machine, especial for the water cooling spindle and CO2 laser tube with cw5200 water chiller for cooling. 


For the water cooling spindle, please add antifreeze, avoid damage to the spindle caused by freezing below zero temperature. For the water chiller, add antifreeze powder. 




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