Welcome the customers from the world visit Tekai factory!


As we all know, the epidemic almost has been over. Every city of China start to cancel 24-hour nucleic acid testing. It means no need a long time, all the customers from the world, they can come visit China factory again. Although it was difficult, we won. Tekai also got the rapid development. Espeical in the atc cnc router machine with servo motor, 3 axis cnc router cutting aluminium composite panel, 4 axis&5 axis model making cnc machine for advertising cnc company, fiber laser cutting machine. The engineers of Tekai are becoming more and more experienced. The level of independent research and development of the team has been further improved.


From the cnc router wood cutting machine sales price from Jinan, we haven’t changed much in terms of price. However, we We have greatly improved the quality of our products.


Production Process, the passed year, all aspects of production have been strengthened. All engineers, workers, have received more than 240 hours of cooperative training on how to speed up each link. It means, we will have higher efficiency. We can delivery the affordable cnc routers to customer more fast than other suppliers. The customer of Tekai, they can received the machine to produce more fast than other competitors in their country. It is more easy to got success than other competitors.


Transport, the cooperation shipping company of Tekai. We also got their words. Once the machine finished. They will order the earliest and fastest ship for all the customer with the most reasonable price.




Detailed parts of TEM1325C



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