The hobby cnc router machine with 3 axis Ball Screw transmission!


In the cnc field market, different customers, for differet working, they will find to the different cnc models. From 3 axis cnc router ball screw hobby cnc to 5 axis mode making cnc router machine, today, please allow me to introduce the hobby cnc produced by our company.


According to the size of most materials on the market, The modle of our hobby cnc router are divided into seven models: TE4040 mini 3d cnc router, TE6060 mini desktop cnc 3d router, TEG6090, TEG6012, TEM6090, TEM6012 small wood cnc router machine, TEG1212. Whole hobby cnc router, all are cast iron structure. Included the Gantry and Columns, everyone can got us words!!! We said it is the cast iron, it is cast iron. Absolutely no cast aluminum. Cast aluminum will influence the hobby cnc router milling affect. As we all know, decide purchase the hobby cnc metal engraving router machine, most are used for metal milling. Especial for cutting and engraving aluminum and copper etc. It needs higher 3 axis moving precision and better cooling system.


For increase 3 axis small cnc machine working precision, the hobby cnc, 3 axis via Ball Screw transmission. Taiwan TBI Ball Screw deeply loved by customers with advantags of high precision, wear-resistant. The model of X and Y axis, we use 2510, for the Z axis, we will use 1605. Of course, some people wish the Z axis also is 2510. This is also accept. For this reason, we also specially produced mold machines. High precision table moving cnc router TE4040, TE6060, TE6060H and TE6060C with automatic changer.




Many customers, they want to make aluminum signs, metal molds. They will choose them. Because, except the Ball Screw Transmission, the gantry of machine was fixed. It is table moving. During the machine moving, less vibration. Higher precision.


For the other hobby cnc router, such as TEG6090, TEM6090, TEM6012 wood cnc router 600mm x 1200mm, TEG1212. Their application is more extensive. They can not only deal with metal, but also can deal with wood, acrylic, etc. So, many advertising company, they will choose one advertising cnc router engraving machine for their working. These hobby cnc, they can choose a vacuum table, atc etc. Especial for the customer, they use the machine for aluminum milling and wood cutting and engraving. cnc 1212 router with vacuum table, atc is their very very choice. If they have working for round materials, add one rotary will be OK. It will be one 6090 4 axis cnc router.




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