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TE6060 mould making cnc router high precision table moving router cnc for metal engraving


Working area:600*600*200mm

Structure:Cast iron body

Moving style:Table moving, gantry fixed

Spindle:1.5kw water cooling spindle

Spindle speed:0-24000rpm/min

Motor:Stepper motor

Driver:Leadshine M860 driver

Transmission:X Y Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw

Max traveling speed:8000mm/min

Max working speed:6000mm/min

Control system:Mach3

Command language:G code

Interface:USB port or network cable port

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Cnc metal milling machine TE6060 professional for metal milling, high precision metal engraver, X axis is fixed, no any shake. Via table moving, when it works, it will perfome great effect. Used for aluminum, copper and soft metal mold cutting and engraving.

The advantages:

1. The cnc metal milling machine TE6060 adpot cast iron structure. Included the table, cast iron table for cnc metal milling. Very strong. No any possibility of deformation. All the parts are calculated the size accurately, correspond perfectly.

2. Mach3 control system, connect customer computer with machine via USB port. It is also very convient for our engineer suplly after serivce to the cnc metal milling machine. Nc Studio, DSP, and Syntec etc as optional control system. It is depended on the customer’s habit.

3. Original Taiwan Hiwin square rails. High precision linear guide. Keep the cnc metal milling machine moving smooth. Import Taiwan TBI Ball screw(X,Y axis 2510, Z axis 1605), keep the machine working high precision.

4. 1.5kw spindle water cooling spindle, professional mold milling spindle. 24000RPM/Min. Sufficient torque, Constant power. If the metal is very thickness, customer can choose 3.2kw spindle. Much more powerful.

5. Good compatibility, we are used to supply Artcam for customer. But, customer also can choose to use Type 3/JDPaint /Ucancam/CAD etc. Only it can output G code.

6. Cnc metal milling machine equipped water cooling system. During the machine milling metal. It will comes out a lot hot power. The water cooling system will take the heat away. If customers do not like water cooling, oil mist cooling system also is available.

7. Tool sensor, cnc metal milling machine has tool sensor system. It can help the cnc milling machine locate the zero point on the surface of the material.


The tool sensor, help the cnc 6060 find the zero postion, then start to working.

Cast iron table with T-slot. Fix the materials, robust and durable.


Shanghai Fuling Inverter, high quality control the spindle rotate the speed.

Water cooling system with water spout. Cooling the tools of the spindle durng the machine milling metal.


Professional metal milling spindle.

Stainless steel Outlet. The water used for cooling, will flow out of the water tank via the Outlet. Then, recycling.


Auto oil lubracation, the Taiwan TBI Ball screw and Taiwan Hiwin square rails will be maintained by the auto oil lubracation system.

Shipping accessories, when our machine send to customer, almost has been included all. Customer just need to prepare an computer will be OK.


TE6060 mould machine can carve copper, aluminium and other soft metal moulds, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheet, PVC pipe, wood and other non-metallic mould. Widely used for various types of mold and model processing on man-made stone, copper, aluminu, iron, plastic and wood.

Applied Industry: metal molds, bronze, embossed mold, wooden mold, three-dimensional model making, etc.

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CNC HS code: 8465990000

Laser HS code: 8456110090

Oscillating knife cutting machine:8453800000


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