The feedback from 4 years 3 axis cnc woodwokring router 2030 Spain customer.




How to identify the quality of a cnc routers cutting machines? Most time, they will say the process of company production, the accessories of the machine we use. But, i want to tell you. The feedback from customers is the most important. Especially the feedbacl from old customer. No matter how good the cnc router engraving machine cnc 2030 is, if it is not used by customers, this machine is worthless. New user customer, when they received the machine, only the machine can working. Only the machine can working. They will think it is not bad. This is the reason why i said the feedback from old customer is the best way to prove. This is what Tekai has always insisted on.


This customer is from Spain, his machine has been used almost 4 years. For 4 years, he has never had a problem with his machine. Our TEM2030 cnc router 3 axis help his company complete batch after batch of orders. This is the best value for a 3 axis cnc router machines. Our machine, working more fast, the speed can arrive 50m/min. Help customers complete order perfectly, save Labor costs, Production cost etc. Help customers company continue to develop.


The machine we produced for him:


1) From the control system, because, he like Mach3 control with USB port to link. So, our machine keep that. Mach3 is open system. Customer can add function according to the working demands.


2) The body, his passed machine, the body is 2.75mm thickness body, too thin, it can not allow the machine working in one very fast speed. Our common cnc router advertising machine, we use 4mm body, it make the machine with higher speed.


3) As the motor and driver, advertising company, there are a lot working need to cutting and engraving, we advise him leadshine HBS758 servo motor and driver. 8N/M. Very powerful. Enclosed system, no lose step. The cost is more reasonable than the Taiwan Delta and Japanese Yaskawa.


4)Wokring table, cutting job, the cnc router with with vacuum system and dust collector is necessary. And it is also can not reject. We also make it into vacuum mised T-slot. Even small piece, they can still process.


5) Painting. His old machine, they tell us, the paint almost drop out all. Looks like a hairless chicken. Very funny. This is the old machine supplier use the the common painting methods. The machine must use warm painting. Like the car driving painting methods. Keep never drop paint. Even after many years, the machine still looks like new.


6) Oil mist cooling system. Customer also need to process aluminum. You know, advertising company. Somtimes they need to use the cnc machine aluminum composite cnc router


7) X, Y, Z adopt Taiwan Hiwin square rails. X, Y axis use square Gear and pinion transmission. Z axis Taiwan TBI Ball screw transmission. Ensure the machine moving smooth and fast. Higher cutting and engraving precision.


8) For the other accessories, no any bad models. Even one press button, the cable, high quality cable with shielded. The Omron Limit switch, hard switch, Working Status Indicator etc. No any bad models.


Detailed parts of TEM2030 


The best cnc accessories add perfect production process. It makes the machine will be more perfect, evev another 4 years, we keep the router cnc 2030 still can working perfect like new. Weclome all the customers from world cooperate with us. We will supply the best quality and best after service. 


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