Brazil customer order small cnc router machine 6012 for advertising making.


Tekai professional produce all kinds of cnc and laser. Due to we have our own factory. So, customer can freely customize a variety of customers. From colour to the configuration of the machine. If you are looking for one Ball Screw cnc router for wood, MDF, aluminum milling. You can make a learn about TEM6012 hobby cnc router kit. 3 axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission. And 3 axis Taiwan Hiwin square rails.


Brazil customer choose the TEM6012, he use it for aluminum milling. And he makes some changes for the TEM6012 cnc router. Most customers choose the T-slot table. The T-slot table is Aluminum alloy and PVC. But, customer worry the deformation of PVC. Then, influence the Flatness of the working table. So, he choose the cast iron table. 10cm distance for one T-slot. Of course, it also can make it into other distance for one T-slot. Actully, the PVC also is perfect. It can be milling again and again. Keep the working table always is flat. For the motor, he choose Leadshine HBS758 Hybrid servo motor and driver. Compare with step motor. Hybrid servo motor and driver, it is enclosed system. The reception and transmission of signals are all within a closed loop. Then, when the machine working, there will be no lose step. The working precision is higher. Especial when customer use the small wood cnc router for aluminum engraving. Hybrid servo motor and driver is very necessary. But, if just use the wood cnc router 600mm x 1200mm for wood or advertising logo making and cutting. Step motor has been good enough.


IMG_8580  IMG_8587


The reason why customer choose us is structure of our router cnc 3 axis. Most suppliers choose cast iron structure for the machine body. They all said the machine is cast iron. Actully, the Gantry and columns on both sides. They are cast aluminum. Just for save cost. Increase the profit. Reduce the quality of the machine. Ensure the Gantry and columns are cast iron structure. They are very important. Especial when the machine milling aluminum and Z axis over 200mm working area. Cast iron structure keep the machine stability at work. So that the machine does not vibrate. Keep the machine working precision. After learned about the difference of our machine compare with other suppliers. The customer choose us finally. And according to the main color of the studio changed the colour of the machine.



Tekai cnc company will be responsible for all the customer. Be responsible for the machine quality. We will be not waste a penny of our customers!


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