CNC Router machine installation process


Cnc router 1325 syntec 6ma before leaving the factory, after strict inspection and packaging treatment, but considering the various factors in transportation, may cause product damage. Therefore, after unpacking, please check the following items immediately. If there is any abnormality, please contact the distributor of this product or relevant personnel of our company in time.


The arrival of the goods inspection

1.Check whether the outer packing case is damaged when the goods arrive.

2. Inspection upon unpacking confirms that the machine has not been damaged or deformed by transportation.

3. Is there any abnormality or foreign matter in the machine?

4. Make sure the machine accessories are complete.

5. Please confirm whether the machine voltage is consistent.

The installation process

1. Put the machine on the smooth ground, adjust the bottom Angle to make the machine not shake, the machine keep level.

2. Fix the vacuum tube support on the side of the Z axis head and bed support respectively, and there are screws at the fixed place. The vacuum cleaner is assembled according to the diagram. (optional)

3.Connect the machine with vacuum pump.(optional)

4. If the spindle is water cooled, you need to connect the water pump to the spindle. (Not necessary if it is air-cooled spindle)

5. Connect the power cable at the back of the chassis on the left side of the machine to the power supply and connect the ground cable to the machine. Use a multimeter to check whether the voltage is correct. If the voltage is correct, turn on the machine switch. If not, find the cause.

Trial run 

1. Control software needs to be installed on the computer to import the correct parameters of the machine, test whether the running direction of the machine is correct, send the machine back to the mechanical origin, and detect whether the limit of each axis of X.Y.Z is damaged, test whether the basic functions of the machine can be used. (DSP control system does not need to install software, directly send the machine back to the mechanical origin to detect whether the running direction and limit of each axis of X.Y.Z are damaged).

2. Install test knife and fix test material.

3. Search for the origin of the test program and clear the coordinates of each axis

4. Install the design software (e.g., ARTCAM software) correctly, design the machining program and import the machine control software, and start testing the machine.

Before running the test machine, please read the detailed instruction and video carefully (stored in the USB disk of the accessories delivered with the test machine). If you cannot install control software and design software, ase contact us.



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