CNC Router machine spindle common faults and solutions


CNC router machine spindle is a kind of electric spindle, mainly used in CNC router equipment, with high-speed engraving, drilling, milling groove and other functions.

CNC router machine commonly used mainly air – cooled spindle and water – cooled spindle.


Air-cooled spindles and water-cooled spindles have basically the same internal structure, both rotor winding coil (stator) rotation, water cooled spindles and air-cooled spindles are almost frequency conversion control, need to be driven by frequency converter.

The water-cooled spindle adopts the water circulation to cool the heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the spindle. After the water circulation, the general temperature will not exceed 40°. In northern regions, due to the low winter temperature, it is necessary to pay attention to the freezing of the circulating water and damage the spindle..

Air-cooled spindle depends on fan heat dissipation, noise, and cooling effect is not as good as water cooling. But it is suitable for cold environment.


After understanding the basic knowledge of the spindle, we explain the spindle prone to failure and solutions

1.Symptom: The spindle does not run after startup

Cause: The plug on the spindle is not connected properly ; or the wire in the plug is not connected properly; or the stator coil on the spindle hardware is burned out.

Solution: we need to check whether there is a problem with wiring; Or the stator coil of the spindle hardware has been burned out ; needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance and replacement of the coil.


2.Symptom: The spindle stops after a few seconds

Cause: the spindle may start time is too short; Or the lack of phase of the spindle caused by current protection; Or motor damage.

Solution: properly let the spindle work before extending the acceleration time, to reach the speed of operation after the start of engraving; Then check whether the spindle motor connection is correct; Or the spindle hardware failure, need to return to the factory maintenance.

3.Symptom: After a period of operation, the spindle shell becomes hot or smokes.

Cause: the circulating water does not circulate and the spindle fan does not start; Inverter specifications do not match.

Solution: Check whether the water circulation pipe is unobstructed, whether the fan is damaged; replace the frequency converter.

4.Symptom: Normal work no problem, nut loose when stop.

Cause: The spindle stop time is too short.

Solution: increase the spindle stop time appropriately.

5.Symptom: Jitter and vibration marks appear during spindle processing.

Cause: machine processing speed; Spindle bearing wear; Spindle connecting plate screws loose;The slider is badly worn.

Solution: set the appropriate processing parameters; Replace the bearing or return to the factory for maintenance; Tighten the relevant screws; Change the slider.

If the spindle is faulty, please contact us in time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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