Germany Customer ordered ATC cnc router 1530 machinery from Tekai


ATC cnc router machine is one more advanced cnc cutting and engraving machinery, also the development trend of the world machine industry. Owning the independent tool magazine, comes out the required tool can be changed automatically without stopping the workpiece during machining. Especial for the complex engraving and cutting for 3d relief engraving and differet materials cutting, changing the diffeent tools automatic, increased the efficiency greatly, improved the quality of the production.

The high quality ATC cnc router TEM1530C is the first choice for large workshops and high-volume businesses. TEM1530C ATC cnc machinery We produced for Germany customer, all the accessories, adopt world famous brand, ensure the stable of the machine performance, longer using life. If you want to buy one cnc machine, but you do not know how to distinguish one good ATC cnc router machine. Please listen to our introduction carefully:

Our cnc wood machinery router adpot Taiwan LNC control system with full touch screen. Stable and multi function powerful. Operation software simple and easy to learn, human-machine friendly. Professional ATC comntrol system, strong anti-interference ability and better working precision control ability.

The spindle, use the HQD or Itlay HSD air cooling spindle, fast speed 24000 RPM/MIN. The spindle has the characteristics of high precision, long life and stability.


Equipped with a 14 tools magazine automatic changer, change one tools just need 8S. When the machine process different working, it can change the tools automatic, saved a lot time, increased the efficiency greatly. Very suitable for complex and large 3d relief engraving.

The electrical components from France Schneider, Stability, efficiency, convenience and beauty are the main reasons why our company chooses it.


The vacuum working table mainly sucks the air between the plate and the table through a vacuum pump to form a negative pressure, then the material is tightly adsorbed on the table. When cutting engraving materials, vacuum suction cups or T-slot fixtures can be used to fix the plate. The vacuum table is divided into four areas, which can effectively absorb sheets of different sizes. Vacuum working table. The high power vacuum pump sucks from air between the table and plate.


To avoid the Gear damage and dirty, installed special sheet metal to protect it. Keep the machine during long time processing, no dust damage the Gear then influence the machine working precision. The slider on the rails installed brush, When cleaning the guide rail, it can also make the guide rail more fully lubricated, it can also make the guide rail more fully lubricated.


This machine is equipped with a 3.0KW double-bag dust collector for customers, equipped with an independent bracket, which is more convenient and beautiful to install. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of employees.


High-quality machines and perfect after-sales have won high praise from customers, and the recognition and praise of customers is a solid affirmation of our work.

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