Europen agent purchase 3 sets woodworking cnc router machine!


This is 3 sets wood cnc router with vacuum table and dust collect, 1 sets 40GP container to France. These machine, they are professional advertising cnc router machine. Big size, 2030 cnc router with 2000x3000mm working area. Some people want to purchase 4×8 ft cnc router as the first machine. I want to tell you. If you are an advertising company, you had better purchase wood cnc router 2030 or atc 2040 cnc router directly. This advice comes from experience. We have a lot customer from advertising company, they use the machine making all kinds of advertising signage, they purchase the cnc 1325 as first machine, but, at most two and half year, they will sell the machine. Because to small. Our agent is the same, they only sales 2030 2040 cnc router machinery.





The configuration of TEM2030 we send to agent:


# Working area: 2000*3000*200 mm

# Vacuum mixed T-slot table with 7.5kw vacuum pump

# No control system, customer adopt their own system

# 4.5kw air cooling spindle, 18000 rpm/m.

# X Y axis Helical rack and gear transmission, 1.5M

# Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission

# X,Y, Z Taiwan Hiwin 25 square rails

# Leadshine HBS1108S Hybrid servo motor and driver, 12N/M

# Shanghai Fuling Inverter

# Auto oil lubrication

# Filter

# Tool calibration

# Oil mist cooling system

# Heavy duty frame body, 6mm metal tube!!!

# Dust collector

# Limit switch, Foot base for level, tool holder clamp fixture etc.

# Warm painting, no drop paint

# Mechanical drilling Mechanical tapping, no waste hole


Our quality, absolutly can meet the Europen quality demands. Whether it is from the selection of accessories or the production process. This is also the reason why Europen agent choose us as suplier.


The samples from Tekai TEM2030 cnc router:

Large format cnc router 2x3m cnc, it can be used for all kinds of advertising materials. Such as 3 axis cnc cutting router wood, plastic, acrylic board, aluminum-plastic board, density board, aluminum etc.


Samples from TEM2030



The production ability, 12 sets customized machine. Only via 30 working days, we send to agent on time. Stable packaging, keep the cnc machine no damage during the transport. All the plywood packing box, all have been put desiccant. Even one month shipping on sea. Still not rust for the machine. When the customer received it, it is the new. No any rust.





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