Australia customer order TEM2040C cnc router machine from Tekai for mass production order produce


Economic recovery, the market is becoming more active. Australia customer order the 2040 cnc router, 2×4 M cnc routers with linear atc. 14 tools automatic changer. In the passed time, customer has one 4×8 CNC Router with ATC. But, the 1325 wood router cnc has been can’t meet production demand. So, he demands choose one large format cnc router.


Like most other clients, when one people want to purchase one cnc machine. The first things, they will link with sevreal suppliers. They need different quotation. Then, choose one as their supplier. This Australia customer is the same. We also send the first quotation to him. After the first round of competition, customer find that the production accessories of Tekai cnc and production process, painting etc. For China 3 axis atc cnc router for aluminum, Tekai is almost the best. Especial in the Jinan China cnc filed. Customers began to have a better impression of us.


TEM2030C ATC detaled parts


The second round, we start to talking with customer on whatsapp. They expressed their concerns. When they received machine, if have problem, how can they do. We said to him we can write keep the quality on the contract. If they received the machine, they find problem, we can pay back their money to them. Generally speaking, we will give customers a two years warranty time. During the two years, any questions, we will send one new to them. Actully, after two years, we still will help customer. Customer choose us, just choose one working togther opportunity. No matter when, only customer have problem. We will help themn to solve. Untill they decide to purchase another cnc from us.


Via two round comparison. Customer decide choose us finally. The production is also going on smoothly, and the customer is very satisfied after seeing the auto tool changer woodworking cnc router.





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