How to occupy the future cnc machine market after the covid?


As we all know, it has been the post-pandemic era now. And, we believe other country customer will visit China more and more for all kinds of cnc router with auto tool changer purchase from about next year. The covid has had a huge impact on all producers. Some have even closed down. But, everything has been improved now. Market recovers, how to occupy the market, increase market share had been one very very important thing after the covid. We think:


TEM1325C atc cnc 01


1) From the production, improve screening of high-quality accessories; Strictly control the production process; Improve work efficiency and speed up delivery. From the customer put the order to Tekai cnc company, we cannot allow customers to wait too long. If too long delivery time, add the shipping time. It will influence the customer production. If quality of the atc wood carving cnc router come out question, that will be more complex. Repair or repurchase, all will greatly affect the production needs of customers. We must keep the quality of the large format cnc router to all the customer. Only keep the quality, when the customer need to purchase new automatic 3d cnc router or updates better models. They will choose us again. The cnc customer of Tekai will be more and more.

2) Delivery. After the machine finished, we send the aluminum cutting cnc router machine to customer. International trade, it belongs to export for us; for the customer, it is belong to import. We can not just know about exports, we must also be very clear about all matters related to the import of countries. It is very important to send the documents and certificates required by the customer for customs clearance in time. This will let customer know us professional ability. All the sellers of Tekai, they are very familiar with the whole process.


3) The after service. Many customers, when they received the auto tools changing cnc wood router, they also will have many other questions about the software. Especial for the new user. Tekai has one professional after service team. They professional solve question for all over the world customers from Tekai. Very professional and fast. Our customer got best best after service. No matter the new or old customer, they still will choose Tekai again. 


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