Ocean freight prices are approaching normal, and customer purchases are becoming more and more active.


It has been three years since the epidemic. All the industries got great impact. Especially international trade, all the goods production costs increase. And, the biggest question is the shipping. In the passed, transport by ship. It is the best way with Reasonable price. However, covid make the shipping cost increased over 15 times. Our production is automatical tool changer wood cnc router, Fiber stainless steel metal laser cutting machine etc. Big packing size, the shipping cost almost is higher than the machine cost.


But, it has been three years, Ocean freight prices are approaching normal. More and more customer become active. The new customer, they want to purchase one vacuum table wood cnc router for new business. Our old customer, they want to updates the cnc machine for better linear type atc cnc routerNow, here comes the opportunity.


One cnc router 1300 2500, they can save almost 2000 to 4000 USD. And, the economy needs to recover. More and more people start to invest. On here, we hope all the customers of Tekai cnc company got more and more production order. We will, as always, provide all customers with high quality 3 axis atc cnc router with the highest performance and the fastest after-sales service.


And, for the transport question, most customer will choose us shipping company. But, the customer also can choose their own. This is not problem. It will not influence our copperation relationship.


Under the new opportunities, agents from all over the world are welcome to come to our company to discuss cooperation.


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