FAQ about the CO2 laser macbine during the using and how to solve?(一)


Via learning common problems and solutions of CO2 laser cutting machines, you can quickly solve simple problems about the laser engraving cutting machine.


 一、There is no action after the machine is turned on.


1. Check whether the control card display screen or the control card indicator light is on.

A. No light, please check whether the power supply system has power or the main power fuse is damaged.

B. If it is displayed, check whether the indicator light on the control board is on. If it is not on, it means that the control board has no power supply. Check whether the 24V switching power supply is faulty or the power supply is abnormal. If the switching power supply is not faulty, the control board is faulty.

2. Check if the drive light is red, green or not.

A. If it does not light up, check whether the voltage output of the power supply switching power supply is normal. If it is not normal, the 48V switching power supply is faulty or the switching power supply is not energized.

B. If the green light is on, check whether the motor wire is in good contact.

C. If the red light is on, the drive is faulty, please check whether the motor is locked and cannot move or replace the drive.

3. Check whether the software parameters are set to boot without reset.


二、The laser tube does not emit light.

1. Observe the light output in the laser tube, if there is a laser in the laser tube.

A. Check the laser intensity at the light outlet of the laser tube, and clean the light outlet of the laser tube.

B. If it is found that the color of the laser in the laser tube is obviously abnormal, it can be basically determined that the laser tube is leaking or aging, and the laser tube should be replaced.

C. If the color of the laser in the laser tube is normal and the intensity of the light outlet is normal, adjust the optical path for testing.

2. If there is no light in the laser tube.

A. Check whether the circulating water is smooth

B. If the circulating water is smooth, short-circuit the water protection for testing.

C. Check whether the laser power supply is normal.

D. Check whether the wiring related to the laser power supply is reliable, and check along the cable to see if there is any abnormality.

E. Replace the laser power supply or control board for testing.


三、The laser tube emits light continuously after turning on

1. First check the motherboard parameters, whether the laser type is correct, and check whether the laser type is “glass tube”.

2. Check whether the light output signal of the laser power supply is reversed, if it is reversed, please correct it.

3. Unplug the data control line connecting the main board to the laser power supply, and then turn it on again, if there is still laser output, the laser power supply is faulty.

4. Unplug the laser power control line, no light is emitted, it is proved that the main board is faulty (high voltage ignition, this fault is very likely to occur), at this time, the main board needs to be replaced.


四、Laser tube high-voltage end ignition

1. Fire in the tube:

A. Observe whether there are air bubbles in the laser tube. If there is, be sure to remove the air bubbles. The method is to put the laser tube upright in the direction of the water inlet, and let the air bubbles flow out.

B. If the ignition is at the electrode, turn off the power to see if the electrode lead is loose, and ensure that the lead is connected well.

C. If the power-on sequence of the machine is wrong, turn on the main power first, wait for the reset of the machine to complete, and then turn on the laser power to prevent the laser tube from igniting due to pre-ionization of the power.

D. Laser quality problems or aging after long-term use, the laser tube needs to be replaced.

2. Fire outside the tube:

A. Pull the wires at both ends of the high-voltage connector to see if there is any looseness, and ensure that the connector is well connected.

B. In humid weather, it should be ensured that the air at the high-pressure joint is dry, and there is no moisture on the high-pressure joint seat.

C. The high-voltage line is damaged and must be replaced. It cannot be wrapped with electrical tape.


五、Engraving is not deep, cutting is not fast

1. Check and clean the light outlet of the laser tube, check and clean the reflective lens and focusing lens, if the lens is damaged, replace the lens in time.

2. Check whether the optical path is in the center of the lens, and adjust the optical path in time.

3. Long-term use or use of the laser tube at extreme power will cause the laser tube to age, and it needs to be replaced with a new laser tube in time.


4. The size of the laser tube is not suitable for engraving or cutting.

5. The temperature of the cooling water is too high, resulting in unstable light output from the laser tube, and the cooling water needs to be replaced in time. (recommended to choose a chiller)


6. When the laser power source emits light, the current is unstable, and the photocurrent should be adjusted in time (within 22ma) or the laser power source should be replaced.


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