The high precision table moving mold cnc router machine.


The metal mold cnc router machine is mainly used for surface processing and cutting of various materials such as plexiglass, PVC board, ABS board, KT board, wood, gemstone, marble, aluminum-plastic board, iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, etc. Because its working precision is higher than the commom cnc router. Table moving, the gantry has been fixed. When the cnc router for mold making moving, less vibration.


Configuration of the mini cnc router metal engraving machine:


1、The whole cnc router 6060 adopt cast iron structure, via quenched processed, even after many years, still no any deformation. Machine production and assembly process is very strict.


2、For safe, the cnc router for copper can choose fully enclosed or semi-enclosed housing, external circulation cutting oil processing method, equipped with a slag collection box to ensure that the processing site is clean and tidy.



3、Independent control cabinet, Computer and control box integrated operation, the circuit part is kept dry and dust-free, durable and easy to operate.


4、The XYZ axis adopts high-precision imported rectangular linear guides, which have super load-bearing capacity and table-type movement to reduce vibration during processing and improve processing accuracy.


5、High-precision grinding ball screw, high transmission precision, can ensure small mechanical error for a long time.


6、High-precision, high-sensitivity automatic tool setter to ensure automatic tool length compensation and machining accuracy.


7、The use of the atomizing cooling device in conjunction with the air compressor can effectively reduce the adhesion of chips to the cutting edge, reduce the temperature of the processed metal and the tool, and avoid damage caused by overheating of the tool, which can significantly improve the production efficiency of metal cutting and the processing quality of workpieces.


8、Constant power water-cooled spindle, good starting performance, large torque, strong cutting, low noise, small vibration, balanced dynamic and rotation, and higher processing efficiency. 


Metal mold engraving machine is mainly suitable for small molds such as copper electrodes, accessories, high-frequency molds, plastic molds, drop molds, industrial products pattern text, bronzing, printing, metal templates, clock parts, positioning punching, shoe mold making, and auto parts. Processing, electronic parts processing, glasses accessories engraving, hardware processing and related industries.


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