Software Training: How to use Artcam quickly?


For the 3d atc wood cnc router machine, there are two system. One is for control system, another is design system. All the wood larger bed size cnc router from Tekai, we will supply Artcam for all the customer. Except the 4 axis swing head cnc router machine, for 4 axis cnc, we supply Power mill. But, many customers, they do not know how to use Artcam after they received the machine, here is a simple Training. It will help customer start the cnc woodworking router quickly.


Almost all tool paths generated by Artcam2018 are suitable for cnc router with mist cooling system control software,You just need to select the output format according to the files supported by the cnc router cutting aluminium. Artcam2018 software can create various engraving paths quickly and flexibly. Take cutting 8mm MDF as an example, you can operate according to the following steps.
1. Open the software and import the file to be processed (DXF/DWG)




2. Edit the size of the pattern and the place start to processing.


图片2  图片3


3-1. Select the vector diagram, click “Toolpath”—”New 2D Toolpath”—”Profile” and edit the path parameters, set the cutting thickness.


图片4 图片5


3-2. Select the appropriate tool, and set the specifications and parameters of the tool.




3-3.Set thickness of the MDF sheet, produce processing path.




4.Save toolpath.


图片8  图片9


5. Check whether the G code is consistent with the set parameters, and start test processing after accurate.




This is just the simplest processing parameter setting. For the parameter setting of other types of processing, you can learn more about Artcam.



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