The different between China cnc router machine and Europe Machine




     As we all know, Since China’s reform and opening up, China Goods are famous in Cheap price for sale. China also is called the world factory. Europen is famous for the high quality. In the world’s awareness, only the they heared about the China machine. They will immediately say that Chinese machines are cheap, cheap. But never mention the quality of Chinese machines. How ever, only heared Europen machine, they will said the quality Europen machine is good, very very good. Especially in high-end large machinery. Is this really the case? If it was the beginning of this century, I believe there is no controversy about this issue.


     Now, I will express my opinion on this issue from my personal experience. I am Jack, Jack Song. I have been in this field for almost 12 years. I started working in this industry as soon as I graduated from college. When I first entered the industry, learned that, Jinan is the center of cnc machine production in the world. Especial for 3 axis wood working cnc router machine, atc cnc router machinecnc router machines carvingadvertisement cnc router machine etc. In the Worldwide, over 99% cnc machine, they are from Jinan. For myself, I have also approached more than 4,000 clients from all over the world. Tekai also has different agent in different country. I was also fortunate to visit the factories of different cnc manufacturers and sellers in France in 2018. Also saw the machines of famous European manufacturers in reality. Such as Verso cnc, Summa cnc and Zund cnc etc. This visit also made me clearly understand the difference between Chinese machines and European machines. Objectively speaking, there is still some gap between Chinese machines and European machines, but it is already very small. In terms of quality, the gap is small, and it is ridiculous that the price gap is still as big as it was twenty years ago.


       In terms of hardware, Chinese machines are no worse than Europeans machines, and they can work well. Just the software difference. When our French distributor first time want to sell China machine, they are also not sure that the machines from Tekai will achieve their European quality. So, the first time trial order. Only one set TEM1325 cnc router 1325 woodworking. Soon Tekai completed the production of the trial order and delivery to them. Then, they received our machine first time. They tell us that overall they are satisfied with our machines. Selection of accessories, Selection of cables, they are satisfied for us. But, the production details of the machine, they are not satisfied. They decide start the second order, and they send the many many demands to us about how to produce they want. From hard limit install to Rack installation method, fixed, how to ensure vertical etc. They all tell us how to do. But, the second order, 3 sets cnc router 2020*4000mm, they are still not satisfied. The finished cnc router wood machines, they have saw, still have some discrepancies. But, they think, the problem is not big problem. They arranged three engineers of their company come our factory to training three month. Engineer from Tekai also find, many times, not our install question, it is their habit problem. Of course, we are also agree, Europen engineer handling the details of the machine is better than us. The most important, they abandoned our software, they choose use their own control software. Although, same function, Europen software is more practical, more easy to operate. They prefer cnc router 1325 atc that can be fully automated. After three months of training, our engineer fully mastered the production technology of European orders. We will also produce machines of the same quality level for customers all over the world with the same technical standards. Untill now, we have cooperated with this Distributor for almost 7 years. Our two company also are friend now.


        Actually, Tekai can produce higher quality cnc router for furniture now. But, the cost, in the passed 20 years. The customer’s opinion is already formed in the brain. We supply one good machine to them with just a little high price. They will reject. They think, the price is high. Quality is low. We are deliberately asking for high prices. The fact is we supply higher quality machine with just little high price. Our profit has been lower. This is also the same problem we faced with all the suppliers.



       Tekai inspires to be the best cnc manufacturer in China. Provide the best machines and the best services for customers all over the world. With the ability of development, design and customization, according to the production needs of customers, produce a complete set of fully automatic production lines for customers. Contribute to the development of world industry.


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