The function of the Ground wire and how to install the Ground wire?


Many customer know the ground wire of furniture machinery cnc router. However, they do not know how to install. And, they also do not know the function of the ground wire. Especial for the new user. Install the ground wire, the operation is simple, but very useful. Whether it is for the operation of the cnc router 2030 atc or the safety of the operator. The 4×4 ft cnc router installed ground wire, avoid many problems. Such as, Machine starts chaotically,Processing effect is not ideal etc, maybe all are caused by electromagnetic interference. The electromagnetic interference signal is led into the ground through the ground wire. The problem will be solved. Here is a detailed description of the installation and function of the ground wire.


Install ground wire for the 1530 cnc router is an important electrical safety technical measure,the operation must meet the requirements of technical specifications.


一、How to install the Ground wire of the cnc router 3axis?


1. One side, installed at the position of the ground wire terminal block of the customer’s factory to ensure the reliable and strong installation of the ground wire.


  1. Install the other side of the ground wire to the ground wire terminal block of the machine.


二、Precautions for ground wire installation.


1、The ground interface of cnc router machinery must be installed well, pay attention to the protection of the ground wire, and not collide frequently.


2、Use an ammeter to measure the resistance of the ground wire to ground. The resistance is zero or below 4 ohms, and it can reach below 4 ohms, indicating that the grounding device is qualified.


3、Use a voltmeter to measure the voltage of the wire to make sure it does not match the voltage of the machine. The correct value should be zero voltage, or a very small voltage.


4、Install grounding wires of the cnc router a axis on both sides of the machine work site, so as to avoid the possibility of the user’s reverse power transmission and induction of electricity, which may cause harm to the human body.


5、Regularly check the quality of the ground wire and maintain and update it in time.


三、Advantages of ground wire installation.


1、Leakage Protection

The machine has two working voltages of 220V and 380V, especially the industrial voltage of 380V. It has enough power and stable voltage. Once in danger, the harm to the human body is fatal. The grounding wire is used to quickly release the current to the ground when the internal wire of the machine leaks.


2、Static Protection


Static electricity will interfere with the control board of the flat bed cnc router, make it operate incorrectly, and cause damage to the machine. In severe cases, static electricity can cause the motherboard to short-circuit and burn the motherboard!


3、Lightning protection


Safe for urban users! Because the tall buildings in the city have lightning rods! However, in rural areas, especially in mountainous areas, the electrical components of the machine are damaged due to lightning strikes, and the ground wire has a protective effect on them! Equivalent to the role of a lightning rod!


4、Prevent personal shocks


The metal parts of electrical equipment that are not charged under normal conditions need to have a good metal connection with the ground wire to protect the safety of the human body. For electrical equipment with a ground wire device, when the insulation is damaged and the casing is charged, the ground current will flow along the ground wire and the human body at the same time to protect the human body from harm.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the ground wire of woodworking cnc router atc correctly, standardize the behavior of hanging and disconnecting the ground wire, consciously cultivate a rigorous safety work style, and improve one’s own safety quality, in order to avoid hidden dangers thousands of miles away, and to avoid electrical accidents caused by the ground wire.


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