What is auto tool changer in cnc router machine?


As we all know. There are many many kinds of cnc router machine. 3 axis cnc router, 4 axis cnc router, 5 axis cnc router etc. For the 3 axis cnc router, there are two models: Normal cnc router and ATC cnc router. ATC cnc router is means the cnc router machine with auto tool changer.


But, some people want to know what is the auto tool changer. Auto tool changer is made up of three parts. Tool magazine, Tool handle and ATC spindle. When the customer use the machine cutting and engraving. Especial for engraving, some path is complex, it needs over two kinds of tool to complete. For the normal cnc router, when one tool working was finished, the worker needs change another tools by hand. With the help of the machine’s Breakpoint resume carving function. Another tools continuou to work from last tool. Or one tool for engraving, then, change another tool, then start to cutting. Mostly, the machine needs to cut different materials. Different materials need different tools. Change by hand, it is very slowly. If the it is ATC cnc router. That will be much easier. No need to change by hand. ATC spindle moving to the Tool magazine, ATC spindle link with one Air compressor, Via air compressor Blow-up and suction generated for auto tool changer. Realize automatic tool change. Change one tool just needs 8s. Very fast.


IMG_5805  IMG_5444


Advantages of ATC cnc router machine:

1) Greatly improved work efficiency.

Due to no need to change the tools by hand. Save a lot time. Change one tool by hand. It need several mintues. Then, adjust the zero position for the new tools. All need a lot time. If via ATC, that will be more fast.

2) Improve machining accuracy.

Change the tools by hand, then continue working from last tool finished place. Add the normal 3 axis cnc router machine almost all are adopt step motor. There will be lost step circumstances. All will influence the machine machining accuracy. ATC cnc router, all are adopt servo motor. Change tools automatic via software control. Greatly improve the accuracy of the machine.


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