Maintenance of Fiber laser welding machine.


Metal Fiber laser welding machine have become standard equipment for some high-end production and processing enterprises. As a precision device, it must be carefully maintained.


1)  Keep the water chiller of stainless steel fiber laser welding machine clean, disassemble and clean the air filter of the water chiller regularly, and clean the dust on the condenser of the water chiller.


2)  To ensure the purity of the cooling water, replace the pure water every two weeks in summer, replace the pure water every month in winter, and replace the clean filter element every six months.


3)  When the water chiller of carbon steel fiber laser welding machine is in a working environment below 40°C, ensure that the air outlet and air inlet of the chiller are well ventilated.


4) Winter maintenance: In addition to daily maintenance, pay attention to antifreeze. In order to ensure the normal use of the laser, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius. Antifreeze can also be added according to the actual situation of the chiller.


5) Regularly check the water pipe joints for leaks. If there is water leakage, please tighten the screws there until there is no water leakage.


6) When the chiller is in the shutdown state, or when the chiller has been shut down for a long time due to failure, try to empty the water in the water tank and pipeline of the chiller.


7)  Dirt on the protective lens of the welding head can affect the laser beam. Use an optical-grade solvent-moistened wipe when cleaning the lens to prevent damage from other contaminants. In order to reduce the damage caused by friction to the lens, the wiping paper can be selected from pure cotton wiping paper or cotton balls, lens paper or cotton swabs, etc. The lens of the laser cutting head should be disassembled in the absence of wind. Seal the lens immediately after cleaning to prevent dust from entering and affecting the cutting accuracy (if you want to clean other lenses, please contact the after-sales personnel in time to avoid damage to the lens due to misuse)


8) Regularly check whether the cables are worn and whether the cables of electrical components are connected tightly. Regularly dust the electrical components inside the chassis to prevent damage to components caused by dust.


9) Before and after each work, first clean up the environment and make the work surface dry and clean. Pay attention to keep the fiber laser welding machine equipment clean, including the outer surface of the casing and the work surface free of debris and clean. Protective lenses must be kept clean.


Only by properly maintaining the fiber laser welding machine and using it correctly can we maximize the life of the fiber laser welding machine.



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