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TEM2040C ATC woodworking cnc router 14 tools automatic changer cutting and engraving machine with 2000x4000mm

Working Area:2000*4000*200mm


Lathe Structure:Seamless welded steel structure

X,Y Structure:Rack and pinion, gear drive, Taiwan Hiwin H25 square guide rails

Z Structure:Taiwan TBI rolling ball screw, Taiwan Hiwin H25 square guide rails

Max. Idling Speed:60m/min

Spindle:HQD ATC air cooling 9.0kw spindle

Spindle Speed:0-24000r/min, variable speed

Working Voltage:AC380V/60Hz/50Hz

Motor and driver:Taiwan Delta servo motor and driver

Command:G code (HPGL,U00,mmg,plt)

Operating System:Taiwan LNC control system with full touch screen

Diameter of Cutter:φ3.175-φ22

Cooling Mode:Air-cooling

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TEM2040C Large size ATC cnc router machine 2040. The working area can reach 2000x4000mm working area. 14 tools automatic changer. Linear type accompanying auto tool change system. Tekai high end ATC cnc router machine. Large flatbed materials plate cutting for aluminum plate, aluminum composite panel, MDF plate with fast speed and high accuracy.


1.There are 14 tools on the changing system, 14 tools can automatic changing via different materials and working.

2.Vacuum table and T-slot table working together, no matter plate cutting or small pieces engraving. All are no any problem. One ATC cnc router 2040 equipped with two 5.5kw vacuum pump. Strong suction, enough power to fix all the big size materials.

3.High quality accessories. The cable used for ATC cnc 2040 machine, all are shielded cable. It can shield external signals. If the external signals enter into the cable. It will influence the machine working.

4.Warm painting and Mechanical drilling and tapping. Tekai cnc machine, no matter how long time, never drop paint. And no one waste hole.


9.0kw HQD air cooling spindle, 24000 rpm/min, 14 pieces tool changer.

Indicator light, it shows the state of the machine when it is working.


Taiwan LNC control system, with full touch screen, very convenient.

Oil mist cooling system, it cools and protects the cutting tools when processing metal, improves the work efficiency.


High-quality drag chain, index and protect the wires. Each section can be opened for easy installation and maintenance.

Auto oil lubrication, makes the machine work smoothly and improves the accuracy of work.


Vacuum table with two 5.5kw vacuum pumps, ensure that the materials can be automatically adsorbed very efficiently.

Rail care, clean the rails.


# Working area: 2000*4000*200 mm

# 5mm thickness tube heavy duty frame body

# Vacuum mixed T-slot table with two 5.5kw vacuum pumps

# Taiwan LNC control system with full screen touch

# 9.0kw HQD air cooling spindle, 24000 rpm/min

# 14 pieces tool changer

# X Y axis helical rack and gear transmission

# Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission

# X,Y, Z Taiwan Hiwin 25 square rails

# Taiwan Delta servo motor

# Fuling inverter

# Auto oil lubrication

# Filter

# Tool calibration

# Dust collector

# Mechanical punching and tapping

# Warm painting

# Limit switch, foot Stepping for level, tools etc.

Description Parameter
Working Area 2000*4000*200mm
Resolution 0.03mm
Lathe Structure Seamless welded steel structure
X,Y Structure Rack and pinion, gear drive,
Taiwan Hiwin H25 square guide rails
Z Structure Taiwan TBI rolling ball screw,
Taiwan Hiwin H25 square guide rails
Max. Idling Speed 60m/min
Spindle HQD ATC air cooling 9.0kw spindle
Spindle Speed 0-24000r/min, variable speed
Working Voltage AC380V/60Hz/50Hz
Motor and driver Taiwan Delta servo motor and driver
Command G code (HPGL,U00,mmg,plt)
Operating System Taiwan LNC control system with full touch screen
Diameter of Cutter φ3.175-φ22
Cooling Mode Air-cooling
Dust-collect Function Yes
Work Holding Vacuum mix T-slot table
Tool Magazine Liner 14 tools automatic changerISO 30 tools
Gross Weight 2300KG

Wooden door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite door, cabinet door, large-area plate carving, solid wood, panel furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, etc.

Wood products processing: clocks, electrical countertops, sporting goods and equipment.

Musical instrument industry: three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting of sculptable musical instruments.

Crafts industry: photo frames, jewelry boxes.

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CNC HS code: 8465990000 Laser HS code: 8456110090 Oscillating knife cutting machine:8453800000 1628926237110259

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