CNC router machine knife basic knowledge and matters needing attention


Engraving from the processing principle is a combination of drilling and milling processing, engraving machine a variety of data input mode according to the need to work with ease! Tool is a necessary ATC wood cnc router supplies, but also related to the effect of engraving and engraving speed, so the customer in carving different workpiece, should be based on the characteristics of the workpiece and processing characteristics of the tool, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort

1. 3D engraving machine knife (hard alloy)


Main function: 3D slot, chamfering.

Suitable material for engraving: acrylic, PVC, also can be used for density board, medium hardness wood.

Features:It is very important to choose the appropriate blade width for THREE-d corner carving. It is recommended that the blade width of small format engraving machine should not exceed 22MM. The blade width of large format engraving machine can speed up the carving speed.

2. Single edge spiral knife (carbide)


main function: 2D cutting

material: acrylic, PVC, medium density board.

Features: combined with the advantages of single groove design strong cutting force and smooth chip removal, and spiral edge cutting to ensure the smooth cutting surface, in a large number of processing PVC density board has a good working efficiency.

3.Double edge spiral knife (carbide)


Main performance: 2D cutting,2D engraving.

Suitable material for carving: natural wood, synthetic wood, plastic.

Features: special wood processing cutter, this kind of double-edged cutter is used for processing wood and synthetic wood, easy to remove debris, strong knife body, durable, good processing effect (ensure no burr on the surface).

4.Single edge straight slotted knife (Carbide)


Main performance: 2D cutting

Suitable material: cork, medium density and medium hardness wood, also can be used for elastic anti-friction plastics.

Features: A combination of slotted design and single-edge geometry for rapid automatic removal of debris during cutting.

5.Ball end milling knife (carbide)


Main performance: 3D engraving, 2D cutting.

Suitable material for engraving: acrylic, black metal.

Features: the choice of ball milling cutter blade width mainly depends on the precision and size of curved surface carving, generally divided into secondary carving, rough carving can choose a larger blade diameter, fine carving should choose a smaller blade diameter cutter.

6.Double edge straight Slot milling knife (Carbide)


Main performance: 2D plane engraving, 2D cutting.

Suitable material: MDF D board, hardwood, acrylic.

Features: Specially designed for CNC carving MDF material, combined with special hard alloy, hard body and advanced blade geometry, durable and high efficiency in non-ferrous metal roughing.

7.Flat bottom knife(carbide)


Main functions: 2D plane carving, 2D cutting, 3D Angle picking.

Suitable material for engraving: ABS, acrylic can also be used for copper, iron, aluminum, plastic and other kinds of metal and non-metal materials.

Features: coolant should be added when carving metal, and wide knife tip should be selected to speed up carving. In order to meet the requirements of fine carving users, the market more launched three ling knife, four ling knife.

8.Bottom cleaning tool (carbide)


Main performance: milling bottom

Suitable material: organic (acrylic),PVC, medium density board

Features: any engraving machine at work, to ensure the smooth engraving plane, especially in two-dimensional engraving and three-dimensional engraving some carvers often in order to save trouble, and careless, the result of engraving products or unqualified, or need to manually modify.

These kinds of knife are commonly used in the process of processing, here is just a few simple introduction. And the importance of cutting tools throughout the sculpture work, the selection of suitable high-quality cutting tools to bring you is not only exquisite sculpture, but also for you to greatly improve work efficiency, save carving costs.


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