How to choose the voltage of CNC Router machine?


Many customers in the purchase of CNC Router machine, the sales staff will ask whether to use 380V voltage or 220V voltage. Many customers do not understand the difference between 380V, 220V and 110V. Today we talk about how to choose the voltage CNC Router machine.



Three-phase electricity, also known as industrial electricity, is 380V alternating current, widely used in industrial production; And most use single-phase electricity in daily life, also call lighting electricity, be domestic use 220V voltage, namely the two phase electricity that people often say, actually its professional term is single-phase electricity. In other countries, there are three-phase 220V industrial voltage, and single-phase 110V civil voltage.

Three-phase power is industrial power, the voltage is 380V, composed of three live wire; Two-phase electricity is civil electricity, voltage is 220V, by a live line and a zero line composition. In other countries, the three-phase voltage is 220V and the single-phase voltage is 110V is same meaning.

Each line of 380V is charged, and the voltage between a zero line and a live line is 220V, namely the phase voltage of 220V. The difference between three-phase power supply and single-phase power supply is as follows: Single-phase power supply generally has two cables (L and N) or three cables (L, N, PE). Three-phase electricity is four lines commonly in daily use, namely the three-phase four lines that people often say (L1, L2, L3, N). But later gradually upgraded to three phase five wire (L1, L2, L3, N, PE), that is, on the basis of three phase four wire system, but also add a grounding ground.

CNC Router machine electricity is mainly divided into drive power supply and spindle power supply.

Drive power supply is the drive, transformer, switching power supply, fan and other small power electrical components of CNC engraving machine power supply. Engraving machine feeding machine X axis, Y axis, Z axis, rotation axis movement is the drive power supply. At present, the driving power of most CNC engraving machines on the market is 220V.

The spindle power supply is to supply power to the spindle. We often say that the machine chooses three-phase or two-phase electricity, 380V or 220V, which is the choice of spindle power supply. The spindle power supply supplies power to the converter, which drives the spindle to rotate. The role of the spindle in the machine is very important, the tool is clamped on the spindle, the spindle rotation drives the tool rotation on the material for cutting and engraving.

The other is for vacuum cleaners and vacuum pumps. The voltage used in high power is generally three-phase 380V (or three-phase 220V). Nowadays, for small power equipment, it is mainly single-phase 220V vacuum pumps and vacuum cleaners.


If you have three-phase power in your factory or home, opt for three-phase power. Because three-phase electricity is industrial electricity, three live wire is stable, dynamic enough, can support the work of high-power electrical appliances. If the spindle power is small, such as 0.8KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 3KW ,4.5KW ,5.5KWspindle, can also choose 220 volt single-phase electricity. If the civil voltage is single-phase 110V, the inverter must be used to run the machine normally.

The main shaft with greater power of 9.0KW is recommended to choose three-phase power first. If conditions are not allowed, it is difficult to access three-phase power, and 220V single-phase power can be selected. This needs to communicate in front of the production machine, when doing power distribution, “add” to the spindle, such as improving the wiring quality of the stator coil, choosing a reasonable winding way, and setting reasonable parameters of the inverter. “Add” do well, the main shaft of the machine in practice, three-phase electricity and single-phase electricity contrast, not much different. The “add-on” is not well done, and the difference between three-phase and single-phase power is still considerable.


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