How to choose five axis machining center


Five-axis linkage means that in addition to the control of X, Y, Z three coordinate axes at the same time, but also control around these linear axis rotation of A, C coordinate axes, forming A simultaneous control of five axis linkage, then the cutter can be set in any direction of the space. For example, control the tool swing around the X axis and Y axis at the same time, so that the tool in its cutting point always maintain a vertical direction with the processed contour surface, to ensure the smoothness of the processed surface, improve its processing accuracy and processing efficiency, reduce the roughness of the workpiece surface.

Five-axis CNC machining center is generally composed of bed and control system two parts, spindle, workbench, frame, feed mechanism and other components of the body of the bed, the size of the workbench, the range of each shaft stroke and machine tool motor power, etc., constitute the key characteristics of the machine tool specifications, and become one of the important basis for selection.


The main advantages of the five axes are:

1) High degree of automation, a clamping, that is, can complete most or all of the processing of the workpiece, ensure the workpiece processing accuracy, improve the processing efficiency;

2) The quality of processed parts is stable;

3) Strong adaptability to processed parts, high flexibility, good flexibility.

In short, its main advantage is that the auxiliary working time of processing the whole complex workpiece is short, which greatly shortens the time of adding parts and saves a lot of time and cost for the research and development of new products.

Five axis machining center according to the different structure is divided into gantry five axis machining center and fixed beam fixed column bed moving five axis machining center.

Longmen five axis machining center workbench large carrying capacity, and is not affected by the impact of the fluctuation artifacts and other factors and intervention in machine tool, the deformation of the has the advantage of easily workpiece clamp, the actual effective length that can give full play to the workbench to machining, so the items can be made larger, such as impeller yacht base, windmill, auto mould, etc

Bed mobile five axis machining center, its work table movement uniform, low speed operation is not easy to creep phenomenon, has good positioning accuracy, small traction, good accuracy retention, long life, strong maintenance, but the seismic and impact resistance is poor. Therefore, the bed mobile five axis machining center is more suitable for crafts, molds and other fine products.

Spindle: five axis machining center spindle is divided into single swing head and double swing head according to the rotation axis,

Double swing head five axis

The two rotation axes belong to the pendulum head class. The rotation plane of B axis is ZX plane, and the rotation plane of C axis is XY plane. The two rotating axes are combined as a whole to form a double pendulum head structure.

Features: the worktable does not rotate or swing during processing, and the workpiece is fixed on the worktable and is stationary during processing. Suitable for processing large volume, heavy workpiece; But because the spindle swings in the process of machining, the rigidity is poor and the cutting amount is small.

Single pendulum head five axis

Features: The spindle swings only in a rotating plane during machining.

Table: five axis machining center can be designed into a single table or double table, double table that is, when a table in processing, the other table is in the processing area to replace the workpiece, to prepare for the next workpiece processing, table exchange time depending on the size of the table, from a few seconds to dozens of seconds can be completed.

System: Taiwan new generation SYNTEC 610MA-E5 industrial control system. The new generation of products cover car milling machine controller and industrial machinery controller, is the most complete domestic product series, the most potential for development of professional PC based CNC controller brand.

With the continuous improvement of our living standard, the research and development and production of high-end products are inseparable from the five-axis machining center, the use of five-axis machining center is more and more. For example: automobile manufacturing, automobile model making, sanitary products processing, high-grade furniture manufacturing and so on.


The advantage of five-axis linkage machining is that it can make the tool feed direction and the workpiece surface to maintain a suitable Angle, in order to get better surface quality, but also better approach to chamfering, but also improve the tool life. More economical tool utilization, reduced cycle time, one-time clamping, these also save time, reduce the error rate of machine tool processing.


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