CNC Router machine spindle maintenance and attention


cnc router wood carving machine for sale spindle is a kind of electric spindle used for high-speed milling, engraving, drilling, stamping and other processing methods. Spindle is the core component of CNC Router machine, long-term use, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, spindle is easy to damage. This can make it impossible for you to work, so the spindle needs to be serviced and serviced.


1.cnc router price spindle is the most contact processing workpiece and waste core accessories, so maintenance is very important. After a day of operation of CNC Router machine tools, operators should use a vacuum cleaner to clean the motor spindle and motor rotor terminal, to prevent waste in the rotor end and terminal accumulation, so as not to waste into the bearing, accelerate bearing wear.

2. The spindle after unloading the knife, need to clean the knife clamp end, and spray anti-rust oil, prevent the knife clamp end rust

Do not use notched, corroded or worn hilts, as any damage to the taper will quickly transfer to the spindle.

3. Each time to replace the tool and knife clip, the operator must screw the knife clip cover, can not be directly inserted to replace the knife.

4.Water-cooled spindles are cooled by water circulation, so they need to be replaced frequently to ensure the cleanliness of the water.

5. Water-cooled spindle in winter should be timely treatment of cooling water, so as not to freeze the water pipe or water tank, of course, you can also choose coolant instead of water.

6. Water-cooled spindle only under the premise of normal water circulation, spindle motor can be in a good working state.

7.The maintenance of air-cooled spindle is relatively simple, and the air entering the motorized spindle must be clean.

In fact, sometimes the method of maintenance and maintenance is very simple, develop the awareness and habit of care and maintenance, start from the details, according to the requirements of the standard operation and use, the machine can be used for a long time.



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