What is CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine?


The CNC cutting system is in accordance with the pre-programmed processing procedures, automatic processing of the machined parts. We put the parts of the processing process route, process parameters, tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions in accordance with the numerical control cutting system specified instruction code and program format written into the processing program, and then input to the NUMERICAL control machine tool in the NUMERICAL control device, so as to command machine tool processing parts.

The CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine uses vertical reciprocating straight knife cutting manner, specifically for cutting woven fabrics. Not only in the mechanical fully automatic control and cutting control software according to various cropping, adjusting pass sequence, cutting direction, the cutting speed and other parameters set, in order to ensure a high quality crop.


The machine is widely used in automotive interior, advertising, clothing, home furnishing, composite materials and other fields.

1.Composite material: it has replaced the traditional craft such as manual drawing and cutting in the production process of composite material products, especially for complex samples such as irregular and irregular patterns, which greatly improves the production efficiency and cutting accuracy.

2. Textile clothing: for brand clothing, couture clothing tailoring overall solution.

3. Home textile: it can not only improve the utilization rate and processing efficiency of home fabric in the cutting process, but also effectively improve product quality and achieve comprehensive optimization of high efficiency, low consumables and high quality.

4. Sealing material: mainly for non-metallic materials composite sealing gasket cutting, can be for any section, any size of high-quality sealing products to complete cutting.

5. Car interior: cutting products include fully surrounded pad, surrounded pad, silk ring pad, car seat cover and other flexible materials.

6. Advertising packaging: especially suitable for PP paper, KT board, sheaf board, self-adhesive, corrugated paper, honeycomb paper and other materials processing, and can be configured with high speed milling cutter for acrylic, aluminum plate and other hard materials processing, with automatic feeding module, can be automated full-time production.


The CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine up and down vibration, tens of thousands of vibration per minute, similar to the principle of the saw blade, but no saw, will not produce powder, vibration knife can be free to replace the head, according to different materials and processing requirements, you can choose round knife, half cutter, towing knife, oblique cutter, milling cutter and so on.

The machine processed products are also clean, smooth edge, and the size of the piece is accurate, no smell, relatively environmental protection, soft and hard materials, cushion cushion leather modification system is good use. It cuts twice as fast as a rotary knife and twice as fast as a laser. It is also the first choice of many customers.


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