CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine performance characteristics


The automatic feeding oscillating  knife cutting machine, which device is successfully solved the traditional cutting (hand scissors, electric clippers) high-technology workers cutting costs, material waste, low productivity features. Having computer typesetting automation, material saving, high cutting precision, high production efficiency, is a change in cropping history. Cutting height to 80mm, the nose lengthened and strengthened intensity two. It can be tailored to specific requirements, in order to achieve the best use of the customer based on the customer.


CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine function

Tool quick change system

TPS cutting machine equipment is equipped with advanced tool rapid change module, with strong versatility, easy and fast tool replacement, in the process of cutting different materials more handy.

Diversification tool

The tool category is complete: milling cutter, vibration knife, oblique cutting knife, drag knife, indentation knife, half knife, round cutting knife, etc., different tools to cut different materials.

Mg-al vacuum adsorption table

Durable without deformation, vacuum adsorption design, super wind, strong suction (small sample adsorption is no longer difficult).

Cut the base of the suction pipe bracket

TPS cutting machine the whole cutting process no odor, no dust, no health impact on employees, in line with environmental standards.

Vibration knife cutting machine features

RD system user needs perfect blend in software design, is a collection of performance, the speed and quality three advantages for the integration of automatic intelligent cutting system, can quickly complete the whole cutting, half cutting, ornamental engraving and milling, punching, crease, tags and other kinds of craft, the operation is simple and convenient, rich practical function, With the tool quick change module can meet the needs of user customization.

Automatic knife setting function

Fast and simple automatic tool setting system, using fiber laser sensor to accurately detect the tool, greatly improve tool setting efficiency.

HD CCD camera

HD CCD camera realizes automatic positioning and cutting of various materials, eliminating problems such as inaccurate manual positioning and printing deformation.

Automatic switch of double heads

The cutting process realizes automatic switch of double heads to meet the requirements of different processing technology of materials.

Vacuum adsorption function

Super strong wind, strong suction, can choose the size of vacuum adsorption area, greatly reduce power consumption.

Automatic material identification function

The vibrating cutter automatically detects the thickness of the material, eliminating the need for manual measurement and then records the thickness data into the software.


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