Why choose fully automatic loading and unloading panel furniturew


What is automatic loading and consolidation panel furniture production line.

The automatic loading and unloading processing center panel furniture production line is a machine that mainly saves labor and increases the processing speed. The automatic loading and unloading processing center panel furniture production line is specialized in the special machines used for punching board type custom furniture and cutting material, get rid of the traditional dependence on artificial cutting mode, the cutting at the same time also in vertical hole, precision and efficiency are greatly improved, and with the design of the special combination of single software, The automatic generation of path, truly realize the intelligent production board type furniture. automatic loading and unloading processing center panel furniture production line, refers to the opening machine with automatic loading and unloading platform, can realize automatic loading and unloading, the most important is to save two people to carry the board on the board, save labor. 


Automatic loading and unloading panel furniture production line features and advantages

Automatic feeding, automatic opening, automatic pushing, automatic knife change, cylinder positioning, automatic dust removal and adsorption, automatic oil, etc

1. Automatic loading and unloading, only need one person to operate the machine, save a lot of time and manpower and material resources, cost saving.

2. The plate utilization rate is high. Through professional typesetting and design software, the plate utilization rate can reach 96% and the generation of discarded plates can be reduced.

3. Suitable for a large number of repeated work, continuous and stable work.

4. All kinds of mechanical/electrical parts are international top products. Such as imported servo drive system, Italy’s original imported drill, Taiwan’s imported control system and Schneider electric parts. (Can be customized upon request)

Apply to industry

furniture industry, decoration industry, industrial equipment accessories semi-finished products processing, musical instrument industry, mold industry, handicraft industry, building model production, advertising industry.

AS the industry is developing more and more, and the supply of furniture is in short supply. The automatic loading and consolidation panel furniture production line are the inevitable choice for all customers. If you need to customize the function of the machine, please contact us and we will be your service.


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