CNC router machine tools clamping process need to pay attention to matters


As we all know, 1325 cnc router atc is fully automatic mechanical processing equipment, but then automatic mechanical equipment, more or less also need some manual assistance. For example, now the use of a very wide range of cnc router machines woodworking equipment, although it is fully automated engraving processing technology, but the loading and unloading tool still need manual assistance to complete. 

Precautions for loading and unloading of woodworking cnc router machine cutters


1. When installing the knife, to use gasoline or WD40 cleaning agent to clean the collet and pressure cap. 

2. To put the collet into the pressure cap, otherwise the knife is not installed properly, if the collet is not clamped in the pressure cap, when unloading the knife collet will be clamped in the motor shaft can not be removed. 

3. Before installing the knife, pay attention to whether the collet matches the selected knife, otherwise the knife cannot be tightened. 

4. Clamping knife, knife out of the chuck part should not be too long, otherwise in the processing process is easy to produce vibration, affect the workpiece surface processing quality. It is recommended that the length of the cutter be flush with the brush. 

5. when changing the knife, we must ensure that the spindle speed is zero, that is, the knife is allowed to be removed in the spindle stop state, otherwise serious personal injury accidents are easy to occur. 

6. if the use of foot engraving, must use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust on the foot and spindle, and then clamping tool. 

7. in the process of screwing up the pressure cap, be sure to put the pressure cap on the rotor thread, first by hand in the case of effortless screwing in place. 

8. When unloading the knife, clean the waste debris on the pressure cap and rotor shaft with an air gun and then unload the knife, and then spray anti-rust oil, prevent the knife oxidation. 

In strict accordance with the carving machine knife handling common sense operation, can ensure the safety of loading and unloading, but also can avoid the occurrence of loading and unloading problems 

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