How to install the laser tube of the CO2 laser machine and maintain?


The CO2 glass tube laser is also a gas laser, which is usually made of hard glass and generally adopts a layer-and-sleeve simple structure. The innermost layer is the discharge tube, the second layer is the water cooling sleeve, and the outermost layer is the gas storage tube. The laser tube is the most critical component of the gas laser, which uses gas as the working substance to generate laser light.


一、How to install the laser tube?


1th, When the customer install our laser tube into the laser machine, need to be handled lightly, The optimal distance between the light exit of the laser tube and the first reflector is 2.5-5 cm.


2th, The two support points of the laser tube should be at the point of 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, avoid local stress and install an insulating sleeve at the high voltage of the laser tube.


3th, When installing the cooling water pipe, the principle of “low inlet and high

outlet” should be adopted, that is, the water outlet of the high pressure end of the laser tube is regarded as the water inlet vertically downward, and the water outlet of the light outlet of the laser tube is regarded as the water outlet vertically upward.


4th, Observe after the laser tube is filled with water to ensure that the cooling water is filled with the cooling tube, and there are no bubbles in the tube.


5th, During the debugging process, adjust the laser support frame or rotate the laser orientation to achieve the output effect, and then fix the laser.


6th, Pay attention to protect the light outlet of the laser tube, and avoid the smoke generated during the debugging of the optical path from sputtering on the surface of the light outlet, which will cause the surface of the light-emitting button lens to be polluted, and the light output power will decrease. You can use absorbent cotton or silk cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol to gently wipe the light outlet. lens surface.


二、How to maintain the laser tube?


1th, The water of the water chiller must be pure water, which should be replaced once a week in summer and once every two weeks in winter 


2th, In the working environment below 0°C in winter, please empty the cooling water inside the laser tube after each use to prevent freezing and freezing of the laser tube. Or replace the water with antifreeze.


3th, After the water cooler is turned on, the laser tube is allowed to be energized to prevent the laser tube from emitting light and causing the laser tube to burst.


4th, Different powers set different currents, if the current is too high (preferably lower than 22ma), it will simply shorten the service life of the laser tube. At the same time, it is best to prevent long-term work in the limit power state (use power below 80%), which will also accelerate the shortening of the service life of the laser tube


5th, After long-term use, sediment has deposited in the laser tube. It is best to remove the laser tube and clean it with water as much as possible, and then re-install it for use.


6th, Do not use the laser tube in thunderstorm weather or in a humid environment to prevent the high-voltage end of the laser tube from being damaged due to ignition of the high-voltage end of the laser tube.


7th, When the machine is not in use, please turn off all the power of the machine, because the performance of the laser tube will also be lost when the power is turned on. The working effect of the laser machine is mainly the function of the laser tube, but it is a wearing part, so it must be well maintained to make the machine more valuable.



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