How to start to use Tekai cnc machine when customer received them?


When the system of Tekai auto tool change cnc router for aluminum and wood your choose is Ncstudio, NK105, A11, Mach3, LNC, SYNTEC control system, all the step is the same like the followings. Now, we use the Mach3 as standard.

1. Turn on the power of the router cnc 6090 to ensure that the control system can operate the metal engraving cnc router normally.



 2. Let the XYZ axes of the china cnc router 2040 return to the mechanical origin to ensure that the limits of each axis can be used normally.



 3. If the spindle is water cooling spindle, please install the cooling water pump, Prevent the spindle from overheating, cause damage. ( If the cnc router wood cutting machines accessories contain vacuum pumps and vacuum cleaners, install them firstly. )






4. Innstall the tools of the spindle you need, ensure that the tool installation is fast and stable.

图片7   图片8


5. Open the suction valve or fix the processing material with a clamp. (Note: A density board must be placed under the processing material to prevent damage to the table when cutting the processing material)



 6. Through software control, move the XYZ axis to the starting point of the machining material.


How to confirm the processing starting point? There are two methods:

The first method: then clear the XYZ coordinates to confirm the processing starting point.

 图片11 图片12


The second methods: After the XY axis coordinates are cleared, place the tool setting block on the surface of the material to be processed. After the Z axis uses the tool setting function, the Z axis processing start point is automatically confirmed. ) Please note that when the Z axis moves to the surface of the processing material 1cm, please use the software jog control to let the Z axis slowly descend to the surface of the material.

图片13 图片14 图片15


7.  Import the NC file to be processed in the control software. Click the start button to start processing. (If any emergency occurs during processing, please press the emergency stop switch)

图片16  图片17  图片18

Notice: The instruction manual about the control card and the maintenance manual of the cnc router 4 axis engraver machine are equipped in the accessory U disk. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and I will serve you wholeheartedly.


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