Romania customer order 5×10 TEM1530 woodworking cnc router with vacuum table for cutting and engraving MDF Wood Plastic and Aluminum plate from Tekai



The customer is from Romania, called Daniel Epure. He has one advertising shop. Build signs, so, the machine is tobbe used for plexiglas, alucobond/dibond and so on, including wood.


Learned that, we advise him the TEM1530. The customer also agree with us. The TEM1530 single router cnc machine for wood with 1500x3000x200mm working area is the machine hewants. Actully, when Daniel Epure decide to buy router 3d cnc, he wants to choose from Europen. He contact with different producers from Europen. Learned that,Europen machine, the cost is too high. Almost ten times higher than China cnc. But, he worry the quality of China cnc machine. Tekai tell him, in the passed 15 years.We agree the quality of China machine is not well. After more than ten years of development, we can say all the machine produced by Tekai, the quality absolutely can compliant with European CE quality certification. We show the production process of our machine to the Daniel Epure. And show all the accessories to him. All the accessories of Tekai choose, all are world famous brand. Such as Taiwan Hiwin, TBI; France Schneider; Japanese Omron; all the cable adopt high quality model, waterproof, shielded. Keep the user safe during the operation.


Detailed parts of TEM1530 


China cnc router machine for sale, the price is reasonsible. However the quality is not worse than Europen. According to his Working demands, the machine we supply to him is equipped with vacuum table and dust collector system. His working no 4 axis working demands, we did not install the rotary for him. After learned our quality and service. Finally, Daniel Epure choose us TEM1530 cnc machine.


If you want to buy one 5×10 woodworking cnc router 3 axis gantry moving machinery, reasonsible price China, TEM1530 is one very good choice. Suitable for different company and different industrial production.


1)The machine adopt 5.5kw water cooling spindle. 24000rpm/min. Different with air cooling spindle 18000rpm/min. The speed is higher. The speed is higher, the engraving the afffect is better. The engraving or cutting adge is more smooth. Altough the air cooling spindle is maintenance free. If customer just use the machine for wood, i support air cooling. If they still will use it for metal, i will advise water cooling 3.0kw, 4.5kw or 6.0kw spindle etc.


2) Heavy duty welded structure body. Viaed large five-axis milling machine milling, make sure the top and bottom of the machine are level. Then, when the customer put the machine on their work shop. The machine working table is level. No mistake, the cutting precision also is higher.

3) Mach3 control system via usb port to link. It is more convenient for us to supply after service for customer. And Mach3 is open system, the customer can add new function on it according their using habit.

4) Vacuum table and dust collector system. One is used for fix materials for cutting small piece. One is used collect the dust during the machine cutting and engraving wood, MDF, plastic etc.

5) Taiwan Hiwin square rails. Orignal from Taiwan, moving smooth. 3 axis all adpot Hiwin square rails.

6) X, Y axis Xinyue straight line Gear and pinion transmission. Z axis adopt Taiwan TBI Ball screw transmission.

7) Japanese Omorn Photoelectric sensor switch. It will keep the machine stop when the machine moving over the normal working area. Avoid hurt people.


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