The whole service process purchase machine from Tekai


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As we all know, no matter buy what cnc router kit 4×8, except the quality, all the customers, they want one good service. From pre-sale to after-sale. Before they place the order to supplers, they want to find one professional Seller. Customer want to got one timely and effective reply about their questions. Guide them choose the most reasonsible cnc machine router woodworking for their working. Help them put the order and process the router cnc servo motor production and delivery to customer.


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For the Pre-sale from ATC cnc router 1530:


Tekai has one professional sales team. All have received professional training. Most has been in this field over 7 years. They are very clear about the materials required for each country’s import. Especial some country, customer import goods from other country. It is very complex. They need different Certification. Such as CE Certification, Certificate of Origin, FDA etc. Some country need the special prove for the packing materials. For example: Australia. So, before the ship arrive Australia, sellers need to send the Invoice, Contract, Packing list, CE and Packing Declaration to them in advance. Other country, they do not need Packing Declaration. For the Russia, they need English-Russian bilingual contract etc. No matter when, even it is night. Customers always get a prompt response from Tekai sellers.


For the After-sale from cnc router tool changer:


We have professional engineer help customer solve all the questions during the using time. Actully, Before the customer received our router cnc router machine, we have arrange engineer. One professional engineer. Just for one customer. Once the machine arrive customer’s factory. The engineer will help customer install and set up parameter for the customer via teamviewer. This is also one reason why most our machine choose Mach3 control system via USB port to link. No matter laptap or computer. All are OK. Apply to Win7, Win8 etc. Customer just need to link the machine with computer via the USB cable we supply. The rest, our engineer will set up directly. Our warranty period is two years. But, no matter when, only customer still use our machine, we will supply after service for them for free. Untill, they will purchase the new machine.


Tekai believe, only keep the machine quality and best after service. Then, it can keep customer always choose Tekai again and again!!!!


On here, we promise to all our customer:


1) Technical support by phone, email or WhatsApp/Skype, we will make time with customer and engineer.

2) English version manual and operation video CD disk for customer.

3) Teamviewer check customers machine and updates the system for free.

4) Never leave our customer alone. Only they still use our machine, we will help them for ever.

5) Engineer available to service machinery overseas.


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