The main components of the cnc woodwokring cutting machine!


The structure of the new atc cnc router mainly consists of five parts, namely the machine body structure system, control system, spindle system, transmission system and electrical system. Each parts has different functions.


1、Machine body system:It is the mechanical part, adopt 5mm thickness body and 12mm thickness gantry. Processed by vector effects such as tempering and vibration, avoid the deformation of the bed structure caused by long-term operation. Then, drilling and tapping using a large gantry milling machine to ensure high accuracy of mechanical installation. The main function is to provide a support platform for machine processing, and all processing is completed on this platform.


2、Control system: It is used to process the G code created by design software, such as Artcam, issue processing control commands, and direct the cnc router auto labeling to carry out processing actions to complete the processing of products. Generally, the control systems for the 2030 cnc router machine include the following: Taiwan LNC control system, Syntec, Nc studio, DSP handle, and Mach3 control system. The Syntec control system has Syntec 6MA, Syntec 6MB models etc. Generally speaking, Syntec 6MA used for commomn cnc router machine, Syntec 6MB use for ATC cnc router machine. Taiwan LNC control system and Syntec control system, they all are the most professional auto tool changer cnc machine control system.

3、Spindle system:Spindle system is mainly composed of Spindle and Inverter, and the spindle assembly is the executive part of the cnc 3d wood router. Its function is to support and drive the tools to moving and rotate for cutting, bear the loads such as cutting force and driving force, and complete the surface machining movement. The main shaft assembly is composed of the main shaft and its supports, transmission parts and seals installed on the main shaft, and requires good rotation accuracy, structural rigidity, vibration resistance, thermal stability and precision retention. The spindle part of the engraving machine is fixed on the bracket of the Z-axis screw, and the electric spindle is rotated at a high speed to realize the cutting motion of the tool.


4、Transmission system :It consists of servo drive circuit, servo drive device, Hiwin Square guide rails and Helical Rack. Its function is to receive the feed speed and displacement command signals sent by the control system. After being converted and amplified by the servo drive circuit, the XYZ axis motor is driven by the servo drive device and mechanical transmission mechanism to achieve work feed and rapid movement. The servo feed system of the control system can accurately control the movement speed and position of the execution parts according to the command signal, and the motion trajectory synthesized by the movement of several execution parts according to a certain law.


5、Electrical System: This is the detection part of the driving signal of the cnc router automatic labeling. According to the control command sent by the control software, the 4 axis cnc atc router is directly driven to generate mechanical motion, and various states of the 1325 wood cnc router machine are detected and fed back to the control software for identification and processing.


As a powerful tool in the manufacturing industry, the cnc 4 axis router wood has a very broad development prospect. With the development of various science and technology such as computer, technology, motor technology, and mechanical technology, the function of 4 axis atc cnc router will become increasingly powerful, and the performance will become more stable.


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