FAQ during the customers using the machine for production and Solutions.(二)


In the last News, we have list the FAQ about Mechanical Parts for the machine. However, for one machine, no matter cnc router plywood cutting, cnc router machine 1212, economics wood cnc router, 2×4 cnc router machine, cnc router machines 1530, atc cnc router 6090. It consists of hardware and software. The software, it also has some common problem. If you have question about your cnc wood carving router machine and Linear ATC cnc router. You can do as the introduction checking one by one. Tekai’s standard system is Mach3. Let’s take Mach3 as an example.


Software failure


一:The control software cannot find the control card signal.

 1. Check whether the control software driver file is installed.


2. Check whether the signal line of the control card is installed correctly and damaged, and avoid poor contact connection.

3. Computers and control software are invaded by viruses.

4. The static electricity of the machine is disturbed, or the external power supply of the machine has leakage. The machine needs to have a ground wire installed.

5. When Mach3 is connected to the computer using a network cable, please confirm whether the IP4 network address of the port is

二:Software startup emergency stop alarm


1. Please confirm whether the emergency stop switch installed on the machine is turned on.

2. Double-click the “Reset” button to cancel the alarm.

三:Mach3 cannot be full screen after opening.

1. Reopen the software.

2. Click the software “Config”—–”General Config” to select screen automation.


四:Axle warning.


1. Let each axis of the machine return to the machine origin, and the warning will be automatically canceled.


五:The file processing effect does not conform to the path design file.

1. Before automatic alignment, please confirm whether the thickness of the knife block is set correctly.

2. The static electricity of the machine is disturbed, or the external power supply of the machine has leakage. The machine needs to install the ground wire.

3. Whether the spindle tool specifications meet the requirements.

4. Whether the processing point of the path file is set correctly.

六:Process overtravel alarm.


1. Please confirm whether the size of the path file is larger than the working area of the machine.

2. The machining starting point of the path file is not set correctly, resulting in the overtravel of the machining area.

3. There is static interference on the board, or there is leakage in the external power supply of the machine. The machine needs to have a ground

wire installed. Then reopen the software and set the processing start point again.

七:Limit alarm(HomeSwitch Triggered).

1. Please confirm whether there are foreign objects on the limit that cause the sensing limit to open.

2. Whether the limit signal line port is connected incorrectly.

3. limit is damaged.

八:Rounded corners when the machine walks straight corners.

1. The movement speed is too fast, please reduce to a reasonable movement speed, and click the software “Config”—–”General Config”


2. Reduce the corner angle (other software is the corner speed) and select “stop cv on anagle> 6 degrees. If it shakes when drawing a small circle, you can change this 6 degrees to 12 degrees.

The larger the number is, the faster the circle is drawn. , but when leading a right angle, it will become a rounded corner.


九:Spindle speed is abnormal

1. If the spindle does not start, please check whether the wiring is correct and whether the inverter is set to analog voltage control.

2. Set the maximum spindle speed according to the spindle specifications (generally, the water-cooled spindle speed is 24,000 rpm, and the air-cooled spindle is 18,000 rpm. Of course, there are other spindle speeds such as 8,000, 36,000, 48,000 rpm, etc.) Click the software “Config”- —- “Spindle Pulleys”


十:Computer black screen or hibernation causes Mach3 to generate an alarm


1. Reinstall the board signal cable or network cable. (It is recommended that the computer do not set a black screen and sleep mode).


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