Cnc Processing Metal: The steps of cnc router machine cutting aluminum! (二)


As we all know, most people use the cnc router 1325 price machine cutting and engraving wood, MDF, plastic, acrylic and other non metal materials. For the metal, they think, they are too hard. cnc router machine wood engraving can not cutting them. But, i want to tell you the 1325 atc cnc router machine also can process metal, not all the metal is available. Just the soft metal, such as aluminum and copper etc. This is the step about how to use the wood cutter machine cnc router cuting aluminum.

Step 1th、Turn on the power of the machine and connect the communication line to ensure that the control system can operate the machine normally.




Step 2th、Let the XYZ axis of the machine return to the mechanical origin to ensure that the limits of each axis can be used normally.




Step 3th、Install the tools for processing, ensure the tools firm and stable. (The materials professional tools for aluminum should be used tungsten steel alloy. The single-edged helical knife and the flat-bottomed double-edged helical knife are suitable for cutting, and the tapered ball knife and the flat-bottomed pointed knife are suitable for carving.)

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Step 4th、Use the tools fix the materials need to be processed. ( Note: A density board must be placed under the processing material to prevent damage to the table when cutting the processing material)




Step 5th、Through software control, move the XYZ axis to the starting point of the machining material. (After the XY axis coordinates are cleared, place the tool setting block on the surface of the material to be processed. After the Z axis uses the tool setting function, the machining start point of the Z axis is automatically confirmed. Please note that when the Z axis moves to the surface of the processing material 1cm, Using the software jog control, let the Z axis slowly descend to the surface of the material.)


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Step 6th、Import the NC file to be processed in the control software. (If there is any emergency during the processing, please press the emergency stop switch) Set the parameters for processing the aluminum plate. According to the specifications of the spindle and the tool, the set processing parameters are about the speed of 600-2000mm/min and the rotation speed of 12000-15000rpm. The depth of the knife is 0.2 -0.5mm. The smaller the tool diameter, the shallower the cutting depth. These are the parameters for cutting aluminum plates with a 6mm diameter knife.




Step 7th、The oil mist pump injects coolant, cooperate with the air compressor 0.2-0.4mpa, turn on the switch of the oil mist cooling device, align the sprayer with the tip of the tool, cool the tool, and remove the swarf.

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Step 8th、Click the start button to start processing. (Note: When using the machine to start processing, be sure to reduce the starting processing speed. If there is no problem with the processing, the processing speed can be restored to the set speed little by little.)

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